With warmer weather here, more and more people are spending time on their decks and patios, and in their gardens and yards using outdoor products. From grills to furniture to mowers, 88% of Americans have invested in products dedicated for outdoor use and 65% of those that have use them several times a week, according to an Allstate Protection Plans survey.

Unfortunately, 83% of those surveyed who own outdoor products have experienced damage to one or more of them. That damage has been more than a little expensive: Americans have spent more than $44 billion repairing or replacing their outdoor products.


“It’s no surprise that the outdoor products we use so much this time of year, that make life so great during the warmer months, can be especially vulnerable to damage,” says Jason Siciliano, vice president and global creative director at Allstate Protection Plans. “What some people may not realize is that the same protection plans that are available for indoor furniture, electronics and major appliances are also available for outdoor products. They can be a great way to protect your investments in the great outdoors.”

The survey found that 65% of Americans do not have a protection plan for any of their outdoor products, and 56% were not even sure they could purchase one. With American households spending hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars a year on outdoor equipment, furniture and supplies, adding protection can be a smart idea.

Beyond purchasing protection plans, Siciliano also recommends taking steps to extend the life of your outdoor products. For example, use the proper fuel in lawn care equipment, clean your grill and cover it when it’s not in use, and apply protectant to furniture to guard against rust and sun damage.


For specialty items like fire pits and patio heaters, be sure to read the instruction manuals and follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance recommendations.

Finally, at the end of the summer, store seasonal items in your garage or shed.

For more information about product protection, look for Allstate Protection Plans at your favorite retailers. You can also visit allstateprotectionplans.com, which features tips and resources for making the most of your outdoor products, as well as tips and advice on maintaining your home electronics and appliances.


“When we take care of the outdoor items that make summer enjoyable and relaxing, we’re also protecting ourselves against the expensive repairs that can pop up every spring if we don’t,” Siciliano says. “That means more in our budgets for Popsicles and lemonade.”

This article is courtesy of Statepoint Media.