It’s 2023, and lead paint has been outlawed in Hawaii since 1978. However, 44% of all homes have lead paint. This is very dangerous especially for children under 6 but also for all other ages, even adults. What is the answer?

There are many ways to deal with lead, such as abatement, encasement, etc.

First, as a homeowner you need a certified lead contractor. This is very important because fines start at $37,500 per violation if you are not in compliance. So, the best way is to get it right the first time.


Like my dad always said, “No sense in doing a job unless you do it right.”

This is Matt and I’m the owner of the largest vinyl siding and vinyl window company in Hawaii. Here is my best advice.

Encase that lead paint with either vinyl siding or vinyl paint. This is the most cost-effective way to solve a lead paint issue. If lead paint is encased there is almost no chance of lead dust or other lead issues affecting your home. First, call Tropical so we can identify the lead issue. Make an appointment and let’s get a plan of action to nullify the lead issue at hand. This is a low-cost consultation depending on the lead issue.

Call Tropical at 808-593-2000 and Tropical can help you eradicate your home of lead issues with our vinyl paint, vinyl siding and vinyl windows procedures. Don’t get caught holding the bag by trying to shortcut the situation with a handyman or a non-certified contractor. And, please don’t attempt to do it yourself. Your and your family’s health and future are not worth the risk. Most people don’t realize the long-term issues related to lead paint. So, let’s be sure; call Tropical and ask for Matt or Mike and let’s get it right.

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