Thinking of replacing windows at your home? Chances are — like most Hawaii homeowners — you grew up with jalousie windows and most likely still have jalousies in your home today. If that’s the case, I have the best advice.

Hi, I’m Matt, owner of Tropical. We are the oldest window replacement company in Hawaii for residential homes. We have replaced more windows than any other window company I know of. We started with aluminum windows in the ‘70s and then progressed to vinyl windows in the late ‘70s. Tropical is known as the only real local company in the Hawaii window business. Sixty-three years and still going. So, this is what I have learned in the 40-plus years of replacing windows in Hawaii.


First, most homeowners have no idea who to call or where to start. Homeowners just know: “My windows are broken or breaking, and I need them fixed.” Kind of like when it’s time to buy a new car.

Hawaii homeowners have no idea what is a good and what is a not-so-good window product. And even worse, most Hawaii people are so trusting and nice, they can be somewhat gullible. So here is my advice: In all areas of life there is good, better and best. That even goes for window purchasing.

Every factory has different grades of windows. Most have five grades, or levels for its products; five being the best. This means Hawaii homeowners should not just purchase windows by name, such as Pella, Anderson, Milgard, Simonton or Ply Gem. All windows are not the same. In fact, truth be known, a smart homeowner can build a level one window that is better than a level five window if you know how to upgrade the components. Very confusing, yes.


Most window purchases come down to trust. Find who you trust and that’s your guy. Here is an example: About 12 years ago, I replaced windows in a home in Manoa. The homeowner was a brain surgeon. Yes, a brain surgeon. He was brilliant, but when it came to windows for his home, he and his wife trusted me at Tropical because Tropical is the brain surgeon of the window business. And yes, if I needed brain surgery, I would call him. The point is, Tropical does not send salesmen that try to pressure you into buying windows like our competition. Tropical has experts. Contractors and owners who have been in the business all their lives and take pride in their products and work.

In summary, being akamai when you purchase windows for your home is not getting five quotes or going on the internet and listening to some mainland person’s advice. Being akamai is calling Matt or Mike at Tropical where we are the brain surgeons of windows. We will tell you the truth. We will give you the best installation and window for your home. And of course, Tropical will give you the best price available. Call Tropical today at 808-593-2000 or come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St.

And remember: “Vinyl is Final.” Go UH and buy local.

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