A Kailua homeowner was apprehensive. He’d lived in his home for more than 40 years and really wanted to add a large deck, though he knew it would be a challenge. Construction would involve moving water and electric lines; staging and material delivery would be difficult because of the deck’s placement.

“After getting bids from three contractors, we chose Tal Builders,” the home owner says. “They provided a complete proposal and met with us several times for measurements, scope of work and choice of materials.”

As the Tal Builders team began to work on the project — a 1,200-square-foot raised deck that would wrap around two sides of the home — the homeowner noted the professionalism with which the team approached every aspect of construction.


“I could see the daily progression and excellence of the work being done,” he says. “Any questions or concerns were promptly answered and resolved. Areas were cleaned and secured daily. Safety was maintained at all times.”

Ultimately, the job was completed beautifully and on time, reports the homeowner.

“From Viktor, our project manager, to every one of the construction crew, we could not have asked for a better group of workers. As well as being a great space for our current use, it will add to the resale value of our home!”

Kathy, a Pearl City customer, hired Tal Builders for a dream project in 2021. Mapping out a plan required several visits from Viktor, who had (as Kathy describes it) the “patience of a saint” as he helped her make her vision real.


“I am beyond happy with not only my project, but the customer service we received and the workmanship of his crew,” she says. “Tal Builders more than met my expectations. We’re ready for an epic summer!”


After 20 years of building homes in Hawaii, Shai Tal and his team from Tal Builders continue to bring tremendous passion and vitality to every project.

Project manager Viktor Maz, who joined the company about a decade ago, says his team is becoming known island-wide for its ability to think outside the box.

“Every project is different; we don’t do ‘cookie-cutter’ construction,” he explains. “We offer great value for the cost of our services.”


This personalized approach to new construction and renovation means that Tal and Maz expect excellent service and professionalism from themselves, and from their laborers and subcontractors.

“We’ve built our team around the concepts of responsiveness, great communication, trustworthiness, reliability, painstaking craftsmanship and a solid commitment to schedules and deadlines,” Maz says.

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