Why is your roof leaking? Seems like the answer is logical, because it rained. The real question is: why did your roof fail to stand up to the rain? Here are a few common reasons:


Like everything, a roof retains its integrity for a length of time. A roof should last about 15-20 years depending on the quality of materials selected by the homeowner and professionalism of the roof installer.


If you have a tile roof, the materials may become brittle or crack (don’t walk on the roof). If there was a windstorm, some shingles may have blown off leaving layers of the roof exposed.



If it’s been a long time since the gutters have been cleared of debris like leaves, branches and dirt, water may pool in areas and cause roof leaks. Clean gutters provide an exit route for water off your roof.


A vent helps air circulate, but if the framing around skylights, solar tubes and solar fans is not properly sealed, leaks may occur.


Your flashing has cracked. Wait, what is flashing? Flashing is usually thin galvanized steel, aluminum or copper that roofers use to direct water away from critical areas — especially where the roof meets a vertical surface.

If the flashing is cracked or dented, get it checked out by a Murakami Roofing professional. Roof inspections are free and thorough.


What causes flashing to fail and not protect your home? Continuous exposure over time may cause rust spots or corrosion, even develop holes. More worrisome is warping and wrinkles — once the flashing is in this condition, the likelihood of failure and leaks is almost certain.

What can you do to help prevent flashing failure? When you consult with your Murakami Roofing professional estimator, you have three choices to consider. Galvanized steel is durable, but if you’re close to the ocean, aluminum and copper are recommended. Consult with your Murakami Roofing professional who will recommend the best material choice depending on where you live and how long you plan to stay in your home and/or pass it to your heirs.

Experience counts. Murakami Roofing has been serving Hawaii

customers since the owner, Clinton Murakami, was a youngster.


Murakami says, “When installed properly, flashing will work with gravity to guide rainwater downward to the ground and protect your home.”

Whichever material you select, Murakami Roofing will build a strong water-tight roof. Hawaii homeowners can be confident of Murakami’s workmanship and warranty because it honors its commitments to do business with customers who become friends and are considered family.

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