In 1992, when Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai, no one was ready for the hurricane. I remember I was on Kauai for business. All of a sudden, there were reports that a hurricane was headed toward Oahu. I boarded the first plane to get home because my wife and children were there. Luckily, shortly after I got home, the storm turned and headed for Kauai. I was relieved since I had been really unprepared for a hurricane.

I was recently reminded of this moment when one of my customers said his job involved essentially chasing hurricanes and studying them. For an hour, we shared hurricane stories. What a great time.

What I am getting at here is my customer was very concerned about hurricanes. Since he wanted me to do his roofing, I recommended the best proven hurricane roof, Met-Tile. He asked me why it was the best and what proof I had.


First, Met-Tile was the only roof that survived Hurricane Iniki despite it being a 164-mile-an-hour hurricane. I went on to tell him that Met-Tile withstands up to 225-mile-an-hour winds, which I did not know when I was first installing it. I initially installed Met-Tile because it was a lightweight metal that looked like Japan tile. We made really good money installing them and they looked great. Tropical had a Kauai outlet store with the Met-Tile exclusive for that island. My brother lived there and ran the store. We installed about 40 to 50 roofs prior to Hurricane Iniki. We didn’t even realize it was the greatest roof to have during a hurricane.

Second, after the hurricane, everyone on Kauai wanted the Met-Tile roof because it had passed the roughest test in Hawaii ever. It was the only roof that saved homes. What a blessing.

Third, it has been 31 years since Iniki hit Hawaii and we are really due for another hurricane. My customer — being an expert — readily agreed. He said that was his first concern about his home. He could have the best windows or siding, but if the roof went, all would be lost.

In conclusion, my name is Matt, and I am the owner of Tropical. Following that conversation with my customer — who has now ordered a Met-Tile Roof system with us — Tropical has made a deal with Met-Tile to get special price Met-Tile roofing for a limited time. Order the only hurricane-proof roof that is proven in Hawaii. Tropical has installed over 4,000 Met-Tile roofs in Hawaii, making it the Met-Tile install expert. Call 808-593-2000 or come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. Tropical can help you get ready for the coming storm.

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