Charlie Beeck, president of Tropical Plumbing and Bath, notes that when he visits a home for a bathroom remodeling consultation, he often is amazed by the contrast in the condition of the bathroom compared to the rest of the interior.

“Main living areas are generally well cared for by the owner, but that care and attention often seems to end at the bathroom door,” Beeck says.


“When we’re contacted either by the homeowner or a realtor to give a bathroom upgrade estimate — which is free — what we typically find is a bathroom that hasn’t been remodeled for 30 years, or since the house was built. Fixtures are not only outdated but often damaged … for example, cracked

porcelain, corroded chrome faucets and handles, broken tiles, a toilet that looks like it should be in a museum, and one of those cramped, dingy old-style stall showers that the owner admits leaks … so there also may be a mildew problem.

“In addition, water that is constantly leaking can be causing the water heater to work overtime and add to the electricity bill. Cracked floor tiles may be admitting water into the flooring beneath causing rot and eventually leaking into a room below, a real disaster if the bathroom happens to be in an apartment building. We advise the homeowner to check for drainage problems in the sink, shower or toilet, which if not cleared could eventually cause flooding. A toilet is a relatively inexpensive fixture, so rather than attempting to repair them over time, it makes sense to simply replace them.


“Walk-in showers are one of our specialties, and they can be as simple or elaborate as the owner wants with a wide selection of features and accessories. We can do selected bathroom upgrades, as well as total remodeling, to make the bathroom as safe as possible for all family members, with grab bars and non slip flooring throughout. We handle every phase of the installations and plumbing alterations as needed,” Beeck adds.

Company president Charlie Beeck has been named Remodeler of the Year by the Building Industry Association of Hawaii. He pioneered the introduction of walk-in bathtubs in Hawaii and has installed them in senior living facilities at Kuakini Medical Center as well as in homes throughout Oahu. A licensed contractor for three decades, Tropical Plumbing and Bath has received two Honolulu Star-Advertiser “Hawaii’s Best” first place awards. The company is currently offering a $1,500 discount on custom-designed walk-in showers and general renovations. For information or to schedule a free consultation, please call 808-847-0970.


From the start, your user-friendly approach made the entire renovation process relatively painless. I greatly appreciate your prompt responses, your professional guidance when decisions needed to be made, and your discounts to help make the project more affordable. Your top-notch crew were focused, respectful, skillful, neat and motivated to do their very best. It was a pleasure to work with you. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone seeking to do a renovation.

Note: Tropical Plumbing and Bath is not affiliated or connected in any way with other companies using the name “Tropical.”

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