Hopefully your home and its roof survived the recent rain and windstorms. If you’re not sure and you’ve seen roof shingles in your yard, call Murakami Roofing for a free roof inspection. Our professional roof estimator will perform a thorough inspection and provide a written estimate.


Firstly, we do not recommend homeowners to go on top of their roof to check for wind and rain damage.


Instead, walk around your home and look for patches on your roof where shingles are missing. Use binoculars or a smartphone camera to zoom in for a closer look.

Look around your yard and driveway. Do you see pieces of roof shingles?

Take a look at your ceilings inside the house. Are there spots where the ceiling looks moist or stained? Sometimes leaking is obvious, like experiencing falling drops of water. A word of caution: it’s OK to place a bucket under a leak but call Murakami Roofing professionals instead of performing a do-it-yourself patch. Many times, the leak originates somewhere else and not necessarily where the water is dripping.


Solar tubes and skylights are great additions that help light your home and save on energy costs, but for sure, take a look around their frames for leaking.


After a thorough inspection, our professional roof estimator will provide a written estimate. Don’t worry about having too many questions. Most homeowners replace their roof infrequently, so we are here to help you make an informed decision. We want you to be 100% confident in your decision.


If you plan on keeping your home, or passing it on to future generations, then we recommend materials that will last as long as possible.


If you plan on selling your home, a new roof greatly enhances curb appeal. In that case, Murakami Roofing recommends materials that achieve a balance between aesthetic appeal and budget.

No matter what material you select, Murakami Roofing will build a strong watertight roof. Be confident in our workmanship and warranty. We honor our commitments, because that’s how we do business with customers who become our friends and we consider family.

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