The importance of reliable backup power

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February 12, 2023

Having a backup plan for power outages is important all year long. Reliable power is critical, especially for the elderly, families with children and people working from home.

Now, more than ever, an automatic home generator is the best defense against power outages — particularly extended outages — no matter where you call home. Whether it’s a hurricane, blackout or another weather threat, you can give your family peace of mind and security knowing you’ll have a dependable power source on-hand.


A standby home generator is permanently installed outside a home, similar to a central air conditioning unit. It runs on self-feeding fuels such as natural gas or liquid propane. The unit turns on automatically when power is lost to the home or business.

The standby home generator can be a literal lifesaver, because it can power critical and sophisticated appliances and systems in a home, including HVAC, refrigerators, lights, computers, medical devices and more. It also provides home essentials that facilitate safety and comfort. Having access to electricity and appliances like a stove is essential.


You do not need to be present to operate your home’s standby generator, which is great if you have to evacuate or simply are gone when the power fails.

For example, a KOHLER home generator is completely automatic. The unit’s commercial-grade engine fires up quickly within 10 seconds of power loss and can handle heavy demands while operating quietly.

When researching generators, keep in mind they come in a variety of sizes based on your power needs in your home. Consult with a professional dealer for appropriate sizing, permitting, installation and other considerations. Learn more at

Kohler now offers a 26-kilowatt air-cooled generator for larger homes and electrical loads.

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