What is the main thing you need to make a good decision, or at least one that you are satisfied with? For some it may be a glass of wine but for the vast majority of us, reliable, unbiased information is probably the key component to helping us with making a major decision. This is especially the case when you are spending big bucks on building or remodeling your home.

One of the most popular items on homeowners’ wish lists is new flooring. More and more, consumers are moving away from carpeting and looking to stretch their budgets so that they can put in a good stone, vinyl or wood floor. The thought of putting down a floor that will last a lifetime really appeals to many consumers, and if you can afford the upfront investment, your beautiful wood or stone flooring will end up costing you less than two or three carpet changeouts, depending on your selection.

But where to begin? Shirley Pai Hilton leads Hawaii’s preeminent flooring company, Kahala Floors, and she understands a consumer’s plight.


After years of being in the wood flooring business and educating hundreds of consumers one-onone, Hilton decided that one of the best ways to effectively educate her customers would be in the form of a short seminar. Hilton is one of the foremost experts on flooring in Hawaii and she is very happy to share in-depth information on the various types of flooring available to today’s consumer and also how to properly install these products. Her expertise is often tapped for local home improvement publications and she has also consulted on many large flooring projects.

Kahala Floors’ seminars have been conducted for more than 14 years. The free seminars are held monthly at its King Street showroom where guests enjoy coffee and refreshments while Hilton walks attendees through valuable information on the various types of flooring, the pros and cons of each type, installation and sub-floor preparation, and finishing up with moldings, just to name a few of the topics. Even seasoned professionals such as contractors and architects have been in attendance and commented on how much they learned at the seminar.

As Hilton says, “This is not a 90 minutes sales pitch, but it’s good, unbiased information that you can use as you shop anywhere in town.”

The next session of Great Flooring 101 is at 10 a.m. on Jan. 14. Due to limited space, reservations are required so call 808-847-7711 to reserve your seat. Hilton would love to have you as a guest and student.

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