At a recent roofing estimate, a customer had a difficult property layout. There was a cottage in the front and a narrow driveway (too narrow to fit a dump truck) to the side leading to an open yard and a large house at the rear. The difficulties of this job would increase the proposal based on the additional labor costs to remove roofing debris and load new roofing materials (because a forklift would cause damages to the grass in the yard).

After the customer received several roofing estimates, they called West Oahu Roofing to ask why its pricing was significantly less than the others. The material type and pricing was very similar to other roofing contractors, but the difference is that WOR reinvested profits into equipment that will make the re-roofing process easier, cleaner and more efficient.


At this job, WOR was able to utilize a machine called an Equipter to squeeze through the narrow walkway. Roofers were able to efficiently load all debris into the Equipter. The machine is able to transport all debris into the waiting dump truck along the street. At the time of material loading, the roofing material distributor was able to load the machine with its forklift at the driveway, and the Equipter was able to safely load the materials on the roof.

By utilizing this Equipter, WOR was able to save the homeowner thousands of dollars in extra labor costs that would have required someone hand-carry roofing debris and roofing materials.

WOR has been an essential part of the roofing industry since 2004. It has grown and developed into a company of 18 employees, who are always willing and ready to take on any roofing project.


“At WOR, we are a small family-owned company and we strive to provide our customers with high-quality and affordable roofing services!” says Bernard Balais, president and responsible managing employee. “Instead of buying expensive toys, we would rather reinvest in tools for the company to make our employees jobs easier, make our job sites cleaner and safer, and to make our customers happier!”

If you are in the market for an affordable, quality roof, call WOR for a free roofing estimate, and let our team provide you with the roofing services to keep your home and family safe.

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