Currently, it seems like we’re all paying higher prices for things we use every day. But if you apply a little fresh thinking to your daily routine, you can find opportunities to cut your shopping list. A simple change like adding a high-quality bidet seat to your home will drastically reduce your toilet paper needs by 75%. In a few years, those savings will more than cover the original cost of the bidet seat.


How much impact can a bidet seat have on your household budget? The average person uses 140 rolls of toilet paper a year, according to market research. At 84 cents a roll, that adds up to $117 per household member a year — that’s more than $500 for the average family. Over the next three, five or even 10 years, the thousands you’d spend on toilet paper would easily outpace your one-time purchase of a bidet seat. Further, reducing toilet paper use also relieves strains on environmental resources, as a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water to manufacture.

Better yet, a bidet seat means you can save even more money by not having to shop for cleansing wipes. You’ll further accelerate your ROI because the synthetic materials found in cleansing wipes are known for clogging toilets and

sewer systems. Calling a professional to break up these jams can easily set you back hundreds of dollars.


Replacing your cleansing wipes with a bidet seat can also make you a better citizen of your community and protect the environment. Some cities have spent millions of dollars to address damages and to clear pipes from clogs caused by cleansing wipes. Even worse, cleansing wipes and other sanitary items flushed down the commode contribute to the formation of “fatbergs,” masses of solid waste that are difficult, dangerous and costly for city crews to remove.

Investing in a bidet seat makes more sense for anyone who wants to achieve better living without paying climbing prices or harming municipal water systems and the planet.


The brand you choose will make the difference between recovering your costs and saving thousands on disposable products. Brands like TOTO use top-quality materials, ensuring their budget-friendly (WASHLET C2 Bidet Seat) and mid-priced (WASHLET C5 Bidet Seat) units will perform like new for years with care and maintenance. Both WASH-LETS are available to fit an elongated or round toilet bowl.

To achieve the best value, look for features that elevate the experience, so your entire family will be on board with the new routine.


When you compare the cleaning abilities of bidet seats to plain toilet paper, toilet paper can’t get the job done. Dry toilet paper is irritating and leaves a residue that compounds the irritation. A bidet washes the skin gently for a thorough cleanse, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident to go about your day. If you have kids, it’s assuring to know a bidet seat will do a better job of getting them clean. In a time when we’re all focused on personal hygiene and cleanliness, dry toilet paper is simply inferior.



Not all bidet seats include a dryer, but it’s worth the upgrade. The budget-friendly WASHLET C2 and mid-priced WASHLET C5 offer warm air drying, leaving you feeling pampered while further reducing your family’s toilet tissue usage because only a few sheets may be needed after use.


TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats’ automatic self-cleaning technologies reduce the need for you to constantly clean the toilet. Before and after each use the WASHLET

C5 and WASHLET C2 deploy EWATER+ to clean the wand inside and out, while the PREMIST function sprays the bowl before each use to reduce waste’s ability to stick to the bowl’s surface. These features help keep the wand and the bowl clean, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, which benefits the environment.


TOTO’s network of locally trained professionals is there when you need them to install, troubleshoot and repair. When it comes to keeping your bidet seat in top working condition for years, qualified help is always just a phone call away.

Why waste money on so-called essentials like toilet paper when you can get a better clean and long-term cost savings by investing in a bidet seat? Discover superior products and technologies that will leave you and your home better cleansed and refreshed. Find these at totousa. com.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.