When it comes to real estate, an enormous shade tree or two is often a desirable feature of any property. But as many homeowners can tell you, maintaining a healthy lawn under big shade trees can be a challenge.

“When a lawn is heavily shaded, root growth is inhibited, and it can be vulnerable to pests and disease,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass in Mililani. “Choosing the right grass for a shady yard really helps.”

Though all grasses require at least some direct sunlight — at least five hours or more is recommended — Hawaiian Turfgrass offers a product that was created specifically for shaded conditions.


“We recommend a grass called Captiva® St. Augustine for heavily shaded yards,” Fong says. “If your yard gets less than four hours of direct sunlight every day, you’ll need a hardy, shade-tolerant grass like this one.”


Developed by the University of Florida, Captiva St. Augustine produces a dense canopy with lush, dark green blades.

“Other varieties of St. Augustine grass are wild-looking, but Captiva is thinner, finer and more aesthetically pleasing,” Fong says.

Requiring less maintenance than any other variety sold by Hawaiian Turf-grass, Captiva St. Augustine has a massive lateral root system.

“Aggressive cutting isn’t good for it because it actually kills off the runners,” Fong says. “Captiva should be cut every two to four weeks with a rotary mower when it’s 2 inches or higher.”


Like the other grasses sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass, Captiva St. Augustine was selected especially for Hawaii.


“And like Captiva, all of our grasses have outperformed older, common varieties,” says Fong. “They’re more drought-tolerant and pest-resistant, and require less mowing.”

Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com and you’ll find everything you need to place an order for Captiva St. Augustine or one of the other gorgeous varieties. Packed with information, the website has everything you need to make a properly informed decision about the best grass for your lawn. You can arrange for pickup or curbside delivery, as well.

“It’s simple and convenient, a bit like buying a carpet,” Fong says. “We try to offer a lawn for every budget.”

Hawaiian Turfgrass also provides complete turnkey installation services for homeowners who prefer to let professionals handle a job from start to finish.

Earlier this year, Hawaiian Turfgrass began growing its residential grass varieties in native soil. The benefits over growing on plastic have been tremendous, according to Fong.


“Soil-grown turfgrass uses less water and fertilizer, because there’s less run-off,” he explains. “Also, pieces grown on plastic are 2 feet by 4 feet, but our slabs are just 16 inches by 24 inches. They’re much, much easier to install, with less stress on the back.”

Hawaiian Turfgrass is offering $500 off installation on 400 square feet or more of Captiva St. Augustine, or any of its lovely turfgrass varieties. Call 808-371-0527 by Dec. 31 to schedule delivery and installation, and receive a $500 discount. Prefer to handle your own installation? Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place your order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery.

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