It’s a fact that as homes age, so does everything inside and outside of it. What were once the latest materials, appliances and decor can now be obsolete. However, you can look at this as an opportunity to not only renovate your home but also add value. This is especially important if you own an older home and want to upgrade it to modern safety standards.

Kitchens are a great place to start. Modern appliances offer better energy efficiency and can even be part of a “smart” home. For example, a refrigerator can communicate with smartphones before potential problems like sudden temperature changes or poor airflow become major issues. Additionally, upgrading countertops to non-porous solid surfaces or quartz can help homeowners keep the kitchen clean and germ-free.


In the bath, modern materials offer a variety of looks and are easier to maintain. Replace moldy shower tiles and porous grout that trap mildew. Instead, opt for shower panels, which help reduce the chances of microbial growth. Large grout-free shower panels, which are available in a variety of materials, are easier to maintain and require less care.

For your home’s exterior, replacing windows and doors can dramatically improve looks and also increase safety. Worn out windows and doors can be less durable during strong weather and winds. Newer windows are built to withstand hurricane-strength winds, with reinforced frames and durable glass. Replacing worn out doors can also improve the security of your home. Modern doors can be more resistant to forced entry.

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