The real No. 1 vinyl window and vinyl siding company in Hawaii is Tropical. Many competitors claim to be No. 1 but what real proof do they have? Think about it. All outfits want to sell their products and claim to be the best. Does this really make them the best? The difference is Tropical has the credentials to be the best. Not only do we claim it, we can prove it. So here we go.

Tropical is the first company to install vinyl siding in Hawaii. Matt Houar’s uncle Bud Shasteen pioneered vinyl products in Hawaii in 1961. Matt is the current owner of Tropical today.


Tropical is the first company to install and market vinyl windows in Hawaii. In 1978, Matt, the owner of Tropical today, talked his uncle into selling and stocking vinyl windows.

Now, 62 years later Tropical still exists. Tropical has installed vinyl siding, vinyl windows, roofing, gutters, bathrooms and kitchens in over 25,000 Hawaii homes — providing thousands of local jobs and creating hundreds of million dollars in revenue for Hawaii’s economy. Tropical is a fully bonded and insured general contractor. Tropical has a plumbing license as well as a specialty license for vinyl siding installation. Overqualified? Maybe. But when working for Hawaii’s homeowners, Hawaii customers deserve the best available.

And today, Tropical is still going strong. Tropical is a family-owned Hawaii company. Matt and his wife, Ann, work every day with Matt’s sons Matt Jr. and Mike. Also working in the family business is Ann’s aunt Roda and Matt’s niece, Sierra. When talking to Matt, I asked what do you think is the key reason Tropical has survived all these years?


Matt says, “Our ohana. Family is so important to a business. There’s real trust and stability. When all members of a family pull together with one goal, there are no limits.”

Matt also went on to confirm Tropical uses all American-made products, saying the vinyl siding and vinyl windows are just made better. After installing vinyl siding and windows for the last 45-plus years of my life, I am proud to say we are successful. If you give customers great products and workmanship at a reasonable price you will always be busy. Today’s market is so confusing with all the come-on ads, 50% off or buy one, get one free. All mainland come-on ads. Use those outfits and you will be, as we say in Hawaii, “caught holding the bag.” Mo’ better you call Tropical.

So, if it’s time to change your windows or install vinyl siding to your home, call Tropical. For warranties that mean something and from a company that is No. 1 — and has been for 62 years—come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. Open 9 a.m. to


5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. The Tropical family will take care of you and your ohana with our ohana. Or, you can call 808-593-2000 for free estimates.

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