Hoku and Craig opened their cooling bill and were shocked to see that charges had almost doubled. They knew that fuel prices were increasing but they weren’t expecting this. They realized that they had to find an alternative to running the window A/C units they had been relying on as their primary source of cooling.

“We already have solar PV but adding more wouldn’t help us in time for this year’s heat wave,” says Hoku. “But without it, our home heats up too fast and stays hot like an oven into the evening.”

It was while visiting family that they learned about the QuietCool system. Surprised at first, they noticed that the house was breezy and cooler, but the windows were open. Was there a cooling system that ventilated the home with open windows?

Their auntie Joanne explained that a QuietCool whole-house fan works by drawing the heat out of the home and increasing airflow through the windows. This fit with what Hoku was looking for.


“We are both outdoor people and we enjoy swimming and paddling and love our Hawaii fresh air, but we can’t have a hot and stuffy house,” she says.

On further research, they learned that QuietCool also uses less than 20% of the energy of A/C.

“Every home is a little different,” says Ivan Whitworth of Island Cooling. “But the one thing they all have in common is a need to ventilate and get that heat out and create a cooler home.”

After a site inspection confirmed that QuietCool could be installed, Hoku and Craig ordered a system that was in the center of their home with a secondary unit in the master bedroom.

“I was surprised with how simple the installation was,” Craig says. “In less than a day I have a more cooler ventilated home, and fresh air is a lot healthier, too!”


“QuietCool is perfect for homes looking for an energy efficient way to keep cool,” adds Al Whitworth, Ivan’s brother and the co-owner of Island Cooling, Hawaii’s exclusive distributor.

“It’s great for minimizing the use of A/C or for some folks, replace it entirely. Plus, we’ve all learned a lot these past years about how much healthier it is to have fresh air in our homes.”

Craig adds, “Al and his brother Ivan and the install team are so easy to work with. Their years of experience with our local homes and climate really shows. They make sure that the job is completed and we are very satisfied.”

He adds in closing, “Now we are ready for summer.”

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