In the late 1990s, asphalt shingle manufacturers lowered the concentration of asphalt per shingle by 30%. The reduction in asphalt meant fewer petrochemical oils in the shingle and a shorter useful life. A demand to find a solution to slow the roof’s aging process was created, which led to the formation of the asphalt shingle rejuvenation industry.

Soy oil has been used as an additive to extend the life of asphalt roads for almost two decades. Within the last five years, this same technology has been reformulated to rejuvenate asphalt shingle roofs. Soy oil is the only viable solution to rejuvenate dry and brittle asphalt shingles. A rejuvenation treatment penetrates the shingles, replacing the lost petrochemical oils with a natural soy-based oil that’s safe for people, pets, plants and your property.

Although this is relatively new in Hawaii, thousands of homeowners across the nation are taking advantage of this revolutionary technology. Currently, there are a dozen different rejuvenation products on the market, as well as hundreds of companies helping home- owners save their roofs and their money.

“About three years ago, I opened the first roof rejuvenation company on Oahu, says Kirt Kobashigawa, owner of Koolau Roof Tech. “Our mission is to help homeowners get the most life out of their roofs, while saving them money in the process. However, we are most proud of the impact we are making to our environment. As a nation, we dump about 11 million tons of asphalt shingles into our landfills each year. If just 1% of those roofs are rejuvenated, we will delay sending 220 million pounds of shingles from entering our landfills. I’m excited to offer a rejuvenation solution that contains the highest concentration of soy oil in the industry, allowing my customers to save their roof, save their money and save our environment.”

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