Improve area with unique glass

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July 3, 2022

While the functionality of your home’s windows and glass doors is important, experts say you shouldn’t neglect to consider aesthetics as well.

“No matter the architectural style of your home, you have more choices than you may think when updating windows and glass doors,” says Ashley Ridenour, door and window marketing manager for ProVia. “Many of these options can add instant curb appeal, while also elevating the elegance, beauty and style of your home’s interiors.”

According to Ridenour, here’s how to capture your unique personality when making this renovation.


Create the perfect personalized entry to your home by opting for a front door with special glass, along with complementary sidelites. Today’s top-of-the-line glass entry doors are not only beautiful, they also provide UV protection, durability and energy efficiency for increased comfort. You can carry this inspiration to the back of your home as well — options abound for customizing your sliding glass or hinged patio doors.


Privacy glass allows light to filter in, while maintaining a high level of privacy for your home. ProVia carries five styles of privacy glass offering different levels of obscurity, which can be fitted to a wide range of door and window models and styles.


Decorative glass is created by precisely cutting, beveling, mitering and soldering glass components into artistically designed patterns. Mimicking the handmade sheet glass of centuries past, the designs lend an elegant and vintage flair to ordinary door and window glass. Aesthetic imperfections like textural waves, striations and random air beads give each design its own unique visual character and charm.


Give your home a beautiful boost of color with custom hand-stained window and door glass. At ProVia, in-house glass artists create the design, and skilled craftsmen hand-apply the color fill to the glass. It’s an affordable way to get the timeless look of antique stained glass for your entry door, windows, patio doors and even the glass in your storm door.


Typically available in both white and neutral hues in popular colors such as cream and tan, built-in blinds are another way to complement your home interior and add privacy. This is also a low-maintenance option for those who love a clean look — because the blinds are in a sealed and insulated glass unit, they remain dust free.

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“When it comes right down to it, windows don’t have to be purely functional. Before you make a selection, be sure to explore all of your options, and don’t be afraid to get a little daring,” says Ridenour.

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