In 1961, the first vinyl siding installation in Hawaii began. At the time, most in the construction industry thought this was crazy. Aluminum, steel and asbestos sidings were the norm. Fast-forward 58-plus years and vinyl products are king. Not only is vinyl siding the No. 1 product, but so are vinyl windows and vinyl fencing, as well as vinyl flooring, which is starting to taking over. This is because vinyl is a durable maintenance-free product that can be made into countless patterns, styles and colors all built to last for a lifetime.

The installing company of the first vinyl siding job was Hawaiian Improvement Corp. Hawaiian Improvement was better recognized as “ Vinyl is Final.” This catchy slogan has endured till today and is still being used by Tropical Windows and Siding. Second-generation owner Matthew Houar took over the reigns in 1981 and changed the name because, in 1978, the idea and first installation of vinyl windows in Hawaii was Houar’s.

When asking Houar about vinyl products, he was found to be the foremost expert in Hawaii on vinyl siding and window products.


Here are a few questions that we asked Houar about vinyl products.

Q: What makes you more knowledgeable than others in the vinyl business in Hawaii?

A: “Besides being in the vinyl siding and vinyl window business in Hawaii for over 40 years, owning and manufacturing the first vinyl windows ever made in Hawaii, as well as having over 20,000 customers in Hawaii and being the son and nephew of the first contractors to install vinyl products in Hawaii, I have a vinyl siding specialty contractors license as well as a general contractors license. I’d say these are unmatchable credentials.

“I have made vinyl products my life work and am still running the most successful vinyl siding and window business Hawaii has ever had. In my time, I have watched many similar companies come and go in Hawaii but Tropical has been the exception to the rule.”

Q: What has helped Tropical survive the good and bad times in the Hawaii construction Industry?

A: “Hard work; asking homeowners to buy local; being a family business; working with my uncle and father as well as my brother; later working with my three children as they grew up as well as my wife, and countless other family members. The stability of a family is key to any situation in life as well as a business.”

Q: What changes have you seen in vinyl products over the years?


A: “We have sold many different brands of vinyl windows and vinyl siding. All are better than aluminum, wood and fiberglass, just from a maintenance-free standpoint. But not all vinyl windows and siding are the same quality. If you want the very best vinyl windows or vinyl siding, call Tropical and we can explain the difference in quality and manufacturing techniques, and which products have better technology than others and why.

“There have been improvements in vinyl formulations and design.I know most regular homeowners think vinyl is vinyl, but if it’s time to spend what it costs to improve your home today, it would be wise for you to seek out the most knowledgeable company and person available — that’s Tropical.”

Q: Finally, if I wanted to install vinyl windows or siding to my home, how should I go about it?

A: “The smart answer is to call Tropical Windows and Siding. But homeowners always want different opinions. Just remember when you call Tropical you get an owner and a contractor — not a salesman. It can be very confusing because salesmen are very convincing, smooth, and have tricky gimmicks and methods like buy one, get one free, 50% off, self-cleaning glass or ‘buy today to get this sale, you will never get a deal this good again.’ Remember, a salesman does not really have your best interest at heart. A salesman’s job is to sell you his product. Salesmen will promise you whatever it takes but as we all learn over and over, it it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

“A few great questions are ‘have you ever installed a window or siding yourself?’ ‘What qualifies you for me to trust your company to do my job?’ ‘How exactly are you going to install your products on my home?’


“After all this, call Tropical or come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St., and we will show and explain the differences in having the right products and “doing the job right.” We are open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays. Call 808-593-2000.”

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