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May 15, 2022

While it is important to use a good quality window with a strong warranty in Hawaii, the most important aspect of window replacement is the measuring, installation and service associated with your new windows.

Hawaii is a unique environment for building materials and construction. We have a lot of exposure to salt and resultant corrosion as well as strong wind, rain and exposure to ultraviolet light. In addition, we have a variety of construction methods used in building our homes, including single wall, double wall and concrete block — sometimes all part of the same home.

While installing windows in a home being constructed or added onto is a relatively simple install, installing windows after a home is built is much more challenging. There are different methods of installing windows into existing openings each requiring its own expertise.

Over time, homes shift, so your window or door openings may no longer be square. Improper construction can cause the beams above your doors or windows to sag, affecting how the window or door operates and posing a challenge when trying to install a new one.

You need a contractor whose staff has the experience to tackle any of these challenges and come up with window and door installation that won’t cause you stress or additional work in the future.

At Diamond Head Windows, we have over 35 years of experience in replacing windows both in California and for the past 16 years in Hawaii. We have five crews installing windows full time in Oahu with 10 additional staff backing up these crews. We pride ourselves on our work and any follow up that is needed for as long as you live in your home.

We have completed the top window installation training: Installation Masters. This is an independent training organization in the mainland covering all the latest materials and techniques, including any applicable building codes.

We use only our own employees for install and service work — no subcontractors.

Our installers have an average of 10 years on the job experience installing windows in Hawaii. Our installations are backed up with a lifetime warranty should your windows ever leak. This is in addition to the lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Find out for yourself what makes Diamond Head Windows your best choice for window and sliding door replacement in Hawaii. Call 808-380-1516 today for a free estimate and consultation.

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