We don’t just have it in our name. It’s in our veins.

That’s right, Pacific American Lumber has been “lumbering around” for the last 30 years and while the company has grown in many different directions, the lumber division is still a major component of the company’s success.

What started out as a small selection of domestic hardwoods like red oak, white oak and maple has grown to selection of 30 different soft and hardwoods from around the globe.


Of course, a lot of people would just say what’s the big deal — it’s wood. We don’t see it that way. We see it as an important part of the whole construction process that requires an understanding of best products and best practices from the forest to the front door.

We don’t deal in structural lumber components. We specialize in finish lumber applications, and the following are a few things to consider for your next project.

Remember that wood is a renewable resource and recyclable and is a great construction material from an environmental perspective. Wherever possible, use wood first.

Make sure your lumber products are harvested and supplied by companies that are practicing environmentally and culturally safe methods whether material is coming from Kentucky or Kenya. At PAL, we are constantly keeping an eye on and dealing with companies we feel are in line with those practices.


On a more practical note, make sure all your wood products are properly kiln-dried. Finish lumber products that are not dried or not dried correctly can lead to disasters down the road.

Understand that when exposed to sunlight, light woods will darken and dark woods will lighten. This can be an important decision from an aesthetic standpoint over the life of the project.

Make sure your wood selection is applicable for the use intended. Even though you may want to use a “hardwood,” it isn’t always the best choice. There are plenty of applications where a softwood like cedar makes more sense.

Finally, just because it’s lumber doesn’t mean it can’t be high-tech. The industry is evolving and there are new lumber products out there that are revolutionizing how we think about wood. One product distributed by PAL is Accoya. It offers a 50-year warranty against dry rot and decay and is impervious to termites. Do your homework — it will pay off.

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