Hawaii is known for our beautiful sunny days and cool passing showers. These sudden changes in temperature cause asphalt shingle roofs to rapidly expand and contract. Thermal shock to the roof accelerates the evaporation of its petrochemical oils, leaving the shingles dry and brittle. To exacerbate the problem, asphalt shingles contain about 30% less asphalt than they did in the late 1990s, which means less oil and a shorter useful life.


Soy oil has been used as an additive to extend the life of asphalt roads for almost two decades. Within the last five years, this same technology has been reformulated to rejuvenate asphalt shingle roofs.


“Our roof rejuvenator is gently sprayed on the roof and penetrates into the shingles to replace the lost petrochemical oils with a natural soy-based oil that’s safe for people, pets, plants and your property,” says Kirt Kobashigawa, owner of Koolau Roof Tech. “Once sprayed on the roof, the rejuvenator soaks into the shingles, restoring its pliability and granule adhesion. The roof will be able to expand and contract again, while keeping the UV protective granules intact.”

In addition, annual inspections and proactive maintenance will help address minor issues, before they become major problems.

Dried and cracked sealants around solar hot water supply lines, deteriorated plumbing vent collars and exposed nails are potential leak areas that are impossible to identify from the ground. Koolau Roof Tech will come on site to do a free roof assessment to evaluate the health of the roof and identify any potential leak areas. A comprehensive report containing photos and recommendations is provided to each customer, so they can see what’s on their roof, without getting up on a ladder.

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