“I started an A/C company.”
“Congrats, Kawika. How cool is that?”

In the Hawaiian culture, according to respected elder, teacher and cocreator of the Hawaiian dictionary Mary Kawena Pukui, moo means “lizard, reptile of any kind, dragon, serpent; water spirit.” Aunty Kawena goes on to expand on the meaning. Moo also means “succession, series, especially a genealogical line.” Moolelo means “story, tale, tradition.”

That’s the story we’re talking about here — of a new air conditioner business being born.


Local custom always begins with questions like “Where you from?” or “What school you grad?”

Kawika Calizar, owner of KW Air Conditioning LLC, is all about community and family. His 1-and-a-halfyear-old daughter Lyon (the princess), 6-year-old son Brody (Kawika’s mini-me), 10-year-old daughter Keke (the “family muscle”) and wife Richie (a small-busi ness owner herself) inspire him to run his company the best way he can to better serve customers.

Family is the moolelo, the story, that fuels the man and air conditioning guide at KW Air Conditioning LLC.

“Making customers feel like family is what we’re all about,” says Kawika. “We can always think of a solution to fit the customer’s need. Whether it be an older single-wall construction or new house, whatever configuration they have we can make it happen.”


Our company specializes in wall-mounted split systems, which can be installed in older single-wall construction homes. Typically, it’s OK for an exterior wall to mount indoor units.

Kawika suggests that homeowners change their jalousie-type windows to slider-type windows, which keep the house more airtight. But the system will still work if sized correctly.

Some customers want to make their homes double-walled with drywall in the interior. We are able to install the pipes in the wall and in the attic for a cleaner look. We refer to this as roughing in the pipes.

We are split-system specialists, and outdoor units are connected to one or multiple indoor wall-mounted units. Every unit comes with its own wireless remote controller. Every indoor wall-mounted unit works independently from each other. For example, if each of three bedrooms in a home has an A/C unit, that means everyone can decide what temperature they want in their room.


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