Time to purchase vinyl windows or vinyl siding? Here are some quick tips for the everyday homeowner looking to be pointed in the right direction. We went to Matt, the owner of Tropical Wholesale, the oldest and largest vinyl window and vinyl siding company in Hawaii.

Here are his thoughts: First, windows ratings and purchasing.

Always check out your prospective contractor/window dealer

Check the BBB. Check to make sure the outfit is licensed, insured and bonded. Look for American-made products. China vinyl products are sub-standard.

Never pick the first-timer or new business


Pick the older company. Why? Because they have been in business a long time for good reason. The older companies have more experience at installing windows. Also, the older company has more buying power to give you, the homeowner, a better deal. Lastly, the older company will have more stability and will most likely be there down the road when you need help.

All companies will say their windows are the best

Sometimes this may or may not be true, however, remember that most companies send salesmen. When a salesman comes, he will be nice and convincing. Remember, the consumer is not the salesman’s priority. The salesman doesn’t really care about the best install, quality product or giving you the best price. The salesman’s priority is the commission. Always keep that thought in mind when purchasing new windows.

Do research on the product presented

All are similar, but there are great differences in quality and grades of windows. For example, most factories have five or six grades of windows. So, because a factory name is good, this does not make all five or six window grades the same quality. Be akamai.

When it comes to vinyl siding purchasing, grades of siding, as well as the sales experience is very similar to windows. The biggest difference being:


Experienced companies and sales people

I have been selling and installing vinyl siding since 1974 in Hawaii. There have been big changes, however, for whatever reason there are fewer quality companies doing vinyl siding. In fact, there are just fewer companies in the business. This means less competition and quality work — and less knowledgeable people in the industry. So remember, the so-called expert you are looking to for direction may barely know more than you.

Products have changed a lot and there are some really great, new products

Because of what I just told you previously, do your own research. The computer can tell you almost anything today or call an old-timer like me, and I’ll bring you up to speed.

The last and best tip I can give you is to call Tropical and buy local. We are the oldest and largest vinyl window and siding company in Hawaii. We also have the No. 1 products and latest installation techniques. With over 25,000 Hawaii customers and 62 years in business just remember, “vinyl is final.”

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