Spring is around the corner, and homeowners all over Oahu are thinking about how to make their properties more attractive and comfortable.

“This time of year, many folks plan to purchase new lawns, or rejuvenate their existing lawns,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “It seems to go hand-in-hand with spring cleaning.”


“Do-it-yourselfers” can enjoy easy online ordering at hawaiianturfgrass.com, and choose either pickup or curbside delivery.

“If you’re doing your own installation, follow these steps to help your new lawn thrive,” Fong recommends.

• Remove all traces of your old lawn and any weeds, with herbicides or organically. This should take two to four weeks.

“Protect your investment! Take your time,” advises Fong.


• Rake and remove roots and plant material. Till the soil, then rake until surface is level.

• Add an inch of high-quality compost across the entire area.

“This creates a welcoming surface with plenty of nutrients,” Fong says.

• Level the surface by spreading compost with rakes. Then use a drum roller to remove divots.

• Install the turf squares over the compost base in a checkerboard pattern, with seams pushed close togeth er. Then go back and forth with the drum roller to help sod make contact with the compost.

“The grass should be so wet that water squishes out from the roller,” says Fong.

•Water your new lawn two or three times a day for the next three weeks.



After your turf has established itself, you’ll need to pay close attention for a while to figure out how to help it thrive. Below, Fong offers a few expert tips for ongoing maintenance:

• Cut back on watering: Water every third or fourth day for 15-20 minutes.

“Longer soaks promote deeper roots,” says Fong.

•Sharpen your blades: Dull blades tear grass, leaving jagged edges with openings for pests and disease. Avoid mowing with a dull blade. Consider sharpening mower blades a couple times each year, and having extras on hand.

•Use a landscape blade for trimming and edging: Sometimes called power rotary scissors, landscape blades create clean, sharp cuts, perfect for trimming and edging.

“They’re like weed whackers but instead of a string at the end, they have circular blades that go back and forth,” says Fong.

• Leave the grass clippings! They might be unsightly at first but they act as fertilizer; they’ll dry up and mulch in a few days. If you remove them, you’ll need to fertilize more often.


Chosen for the second year in a row by the readers of Honolulu Star-Advertiser as Hawaii’s Best Lawn Installation Company, Hawaiian Turfgrass has made it easier than ever to purchase a beautiful new lawn!

Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. To schedule complete turnkey installation, call 808-371-0527. Call on or before March 31 and receive a discount of $500 on installation (minimum 400 square feet).

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