“How’s business, Kawika?”

“Business is hard, Auntie. Juggling my schedule with the kids’ sports is tough. But I’m willing to work hard.”

“Hekanakahoomanawanui I ka la a me ka ua,” a man is patient, through the sun and the rain. Time moves, the story continues. Attitude and values get passed on.


“Kawika, I remember another man who juggled his schedule of cleaning yards with showing up for sports practice. His truck was loaded with landscaping gear, but, at the end of the day, the truck was replaced with buckets of baseballs, bats and practice gear. Your dad!

“What’s the most important tool in your line of work, Kawika?”

“My electrical meter. It’s the starting point of my troubleshooting method. It’s important because it keeps me safe.”

The right tool, knowing how to use it and when to use it are fundamental. Teachers or coaches, and practice build confidence.


The physical tools in a person’s toolbox make it possible to serve their customers. In addition, there are the tools of awareness that include the unseen elements.

N.B. Emerson noted in his study of oli Hawaiian chant: “Before invading the space of others, it is thoughtful to introduce one’s self and ask for passage. The kanaka is given the opportunity to notice and be aware of the countless energies that is beyond the senses.”

“I like that, Auntie.” “There’s all kinds of ‘tools.’ Kawika. Asking keeps us humble.”

“In a typical month, is your business mostly installation of new A/C equipment, or is maintaining the equipment a regular part of your work?”


Kawika puts it this way: “I like to mix maintenance with installation. It’s important because it prolongs the life of the equipment.”

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