Customers Traci and Shirley Uyeoka-Yoshimoto share their experience with S. Tanaka Construction.

Our family home that was once designed by my grandfather was starting to feel the effects of its old age. Because the house was built more than 50 years ago, my wife and I initially planned to do an extensive renovation. Not knowing where to begin, we met with several contractors. Most were highly advertised, but none were the right fit for us for various reasons.


You could say that when we discovered S. Tanaka Construction, it was meant to be. Having never heard of them, I found them while searching online for construction companies. After sending an initial inquiry on the website, I got a quick response back from Jen, the office manager and design coordinator. We were able to schedule a meeting with Ryan Tanaka the next day. When he came over to the house, we liked his calm demeanor and his ability to answer every question we had.

Because the house was aging and we would not be able to foresee potential problems that could come up in a renovation, Ryan suggested that it might be better to do a brand-new build. That was hard because it meant tearing down everything that my grandfather had built. But after much consideration, we decided that it was for the best.

We continued to meet with Ryan and with his help through 3D renderings, we were able to design our house the way that we envisioned. He never ceased to impress us with his knowledge and attention to detail. He pleasantly surprised us by picking up on little things from our conversations and including them into the design.


It showed us that he truly listens to his clients. In that short timeframe, we knew that Ryan was someone we could trust with building something so important and special to us. It made complete sense why our meetings with other contractors did not work out.

As we progressed through the house-building process, both Jen and Ryan walked us through every step of the project and communicated with us as often as we needed. Jen was extremely helpful in assisting us as we went through the selection process. Our project manager, Weylin, was also amazing to work with. He was always there to keep us posted with what was being done on a day-to-day basis. The carpenters and the subcontractors all had great workmanship, were responsible, hardworking and friendly.

My wife and I love our brand-new house! It’s even more special to us, because Ryan and his team made it possible to use the redwood from the old house to create accent walls in the new house. At the same time, we were also able to stay within our budget. We are so thankful to S. Tanaka Construction for helping to bring this dream of ours to life. They are hands down the best residential construction company. They made what we thought would be a stressful time honestly one of the best rides we ever took.

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