Actress tests 4 new faucets

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January 2, 2022

As a lover of everything at-home, actress Emily Hampshire jumped at the chance to be the first to test four all-new kitchen and bath faucet collections in a real home. Delta Faucet set her loose with never-before-seen kitchen faucets and an all-new bath set to touch, try and test — and then spill the tea. The result? “This experience left me obsessed with all things faucets!” says Hampshire.

From near-boiling water to the ultimate shower (but not at the same time), Hampshire dished on her top faucet picks — then didn’t even do the dishes.

Q: We let you explore a house full of exclusive kitchen and bath faucets. What was your favorite item?

A: I absolutely fell in love with the Stryke Kitchen Collection. Jaw-dropping. Functional. Conversation-worthy. And the best part of this striking statement piece: its Lumicoat Finish. With an ultra-sleek surface, it keeps itself cleaner, longer —which is something we should put on everything.

Q: What did you do in the bathroom?

A: Besides that being none of your business, I spent hours with the Galeon Bath Collection. With a chiseled arc design and knurling on the handle, the Galeon is a modern beauty. Pro tip: They tell me the “k” in “knurling” is silent, but I think we should keep it loud. Also, it’s a manufacturing technique, in case you didn’t know (“k” is silent in this case).

Q: It’s already cold in Canada, where you’re from. Anything you’ll use to keep you toasty warm this winter?

A: I’ll be snuggled up to the Instant Hot Faucet all winter. Real talk, it’s kinda sorta pretty amazing. It has beautiful finishes, serious style and it gives you near-boiling water in an instant, which I most definitely put to the test. Noodles, soup, a cup o’ tea and warm spoons to scoop lots of ice cream all kept me company during this taste test — I mean faucet test.

Q: All that ice cream must have left you thirsty. Anything you’d recommend for a quick drink of water?

A: After two-and-a-half pints of butter pecan ice cream, I got very familiar with the Beverage Faucet. It’s designed to work with any reverse osmosis filter or under-the-counter chiller, giving your drinking water some above-the-counter glam. One look and you might catch feelings — or just a drink of cold, pure water.

Q: Any parting words after this full-on faucet experience?

A: If you thought I didn’t want to leave my house before, now I don’t even want to leave the rooms in my house that have water! If you want to virtually test these faucets along with me, visit

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.