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By now, many homeowners are familiar with the QuietCool whole-house fan and appreciate better ventilation and energy-efficient removal of heat the system provides.

According to American Lung Association, the air inside the home is two to five times more polluted than typical outdoor air. This is due to the chemicals used in homes and the buildup of pet dander, germs, dust, allergens, etc.

One benefit that often goes unmentioned is the improvement in indoor air quality of the home achieved by exhausting and ventilating stale air. Sized correctly, QuietCool exchanges all the air in a home every three to four minutes. This means that folks are getting rid of the polluted air inside their home and replacing it with cool, fresh air.

Darren is one of those homeowners who made the decision to be proactive before the heat of summer.

“QuietCool keeps my house cool by (itself) most of the year,” Darren says. “Besides just cooling the house, it circulates the (fresh) air while it is on, and I feel it has helped my allergies to dust.

“I live in a very hot area of Kaimuki,” he adds. “Since then, we were able to cut down our use of A/C to just the hottest days of summer.”

Sandra of Kaneohe cooks at home most days and appreciates how the increased air flow means they she can get rid of cooking odors, like fish, in a matter of minutes.

“I turn it on and it sucks out all the remaining smells and heat that my range-hood doesn’t get,” she says. “It’s made my kitchen and cleanup so much more comfortable.”

For those looking to add healthy and cooling breezes to their homes, a site inspection is the typical starting point. Island Cooling owners Ivan and Al Whitworth have more than 10 years of experience in helping homeowners select the best system for their needs. “Don’t wait until the heat of summer,” says Ivan. “Find out now how to make your living space more fresh and comfortable.”

QuietCool is the leader in made-in-America whole-house fan technology, and Island Cooling is Hawaii’s exclusive distributor.

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