Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned and fully licensed general contractor, specializing in design-builds, major renovations, additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Many of our current clients are repeat customers or through referrals of existing clients. The major renovation projects, including additions, we’ve done in Kailua are perfect examples to showcase a completed facelift of your house. Our project manager has decades of experience. By offering client innovative and creative renovation solutions, the house can majorly transform into a new layout. The advantages of a major renovation are saving on permit time, and cutting down the construction cost. You will have a “brand-new home” with only one-third of new construction cost.


Using the newest design trends and energy-efficiency concepts, our project manager first takes clients’ needs and likes into consideration, then incorporates feasibility into the house layout. We add temporary island architectural design into the existing house structure. With decades of building experience, our major renovation plan is practical, professional, economic, trendy and tailored to your existing house frame.

Maximizing living and kitchen areas significantly enhances the overall look and adds value to the existing house. We designed a living room with an open area and a sleek, contemporary interior finish, which allows for the best views in the living room. For the kitchen area, we used an open space and higher ceiling concept, which magnifies the entire space. Contemporary kitchen cabinets and the newest trend of a waterfall countertop in the island area add a modern and sophisticated touch into the house. For the exterior, with our recommendation, the client used stucco and modern-looking windows, which give an entire facelift to the house.

Because of all the detailed work, Kai Ridge Hawaii’s clients are extremely happy with the final product, from the design, getting the permit approved and throughout the renovation phases. They feel extremely lucky to have such a short turnaround time.


Without Kai Ridge’s cutting-edge renovation design plan, the homeowner couldn’t imagine that the house could be transformed into a totally different design. The entire process was streamlined, efficient and delivered to homeowners faster with fewer changes, as well as within their budget.

Kai Ridge Hawaii’s first commitment is to quality. Second, the company is committed to being price savvy. Third, the company is committed to excellent service. Kai Ridge Hawaii is a 100% bonded construction company and has residential and commercial projects throughout the island of Oahu, such as Kaimuki, Kapiolani, Hawaii Kai, Kailua, Pali Highway, Salt Lake, Aiea and Waikiki.

Visit the website or Facebook page at facebook.com/kairidgehawaii.

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