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David and June Nishimura lived in their Pearl City house for 51 years. When the drains got clogged or the paint started to flake, David fixed it. However, when June had several close calls while getting in and out of the tub, the Nishimuras called Island Bath Works to make bathing a safer task.

“The process creates a low entryway into the existing tub, so instead of stepping over the full height of the tub, you only need to lift your foot 4 inches to get in and out,” says David, a retired carpenter who is 83 years old. “We also decided to have the tub refinished to remove all the years of staining and mineral buildup. They also added a rough nonskid bottom for extra safety.”

The work took one day, and the Nishimuras found that Island Bath Works’ tub conversion was a good fit for them.

“When we first started researching our options, we had several companies quote us over $12,000 to replace the entire tub setup with a shower. Luckily, a friend of our neighbor recently had her tub converted, and referred us to Island Bath Works,” says David.

David recalls, “My wife had always been reluctant to admit that we are getting older and need to do these sorts of things. After seeing the quality of work and taking our first shower in the converted tub, we both agree that we should have done it sooner. “

“Without the Island Bath Works conversion, stepping in and out of the tub would have been difficult,” says June. “Getting over the 4 inches is much easier.”

That’s the step-over height of the tub entry after Island Bath Works cuts out and fabricates an entryway into the tub. That entrance can be up to 3 feet wide. Island Bath Works consults with the homeowner in deciding where the new tub entry would work best for their needs. Additionally, whether the tub is fiberglass, cast iron or steel, Island Bath Works can also refinish it, leaving a tub that looks new and is far more accessible. And it’s ready to use the next day.

The conversion does not require plumbing alterations, demolition or major reconstruction. Because of that, an Island Bath Works tub conversion costs only a fraction of the typical $12,000-$15,000 price tag that installation of a shower stall would usually entail. In addition, an Island Bath Works conversion usually takes only a single day, which minimizes down time and disruption to the household.

The Nishimuras said they are absolutely satisfied with the Island Bath Works conversion and recommend it highly to others.

“This is just what we needed, and we have also referred several friends to them, who also got their tubs converted,” says June.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from improving the safety in our customers’ lives” says Eric Thompson of Island Bath Works. “Being able to safely take a shower, and maintain a high quality of life is something that everybody shouldn’t have to worry about.”

With hundreds of tub conversions completed on Oahu and the neighbor islands, the Island Bath Works crew has the experience to guarantee a professional and worry-free job. All tub conversions come with a 10-year warranty.

“Tub conversions are all that we do, and we do them very well,” adds Thompson.

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