Beyond sprucing up your work and living environs, there’s certainly much to love about houseplants, whether it’s the simple act of taking care of something or the fact that some varieties can even improve the air quality in your home (peace lilies, we’re looking at you).

However, if you’re like many people who have done virtually everything from home this past year, your living room has turned into a veritable plant nursery. Rather than add more plants to your living spaces haphazardly, consider these easy tips from LiveTrends, a company that creates and designs over 500 original living art product collections each year.



When it comes to pots for your greenery, succulents and shrubs, you may think neutral is the way to go. Think again. Right now, it’s all about attention-grabbing colors, such as mustard, navy and wine, which are featured in the Harvest Votive and Agatha styles from LiveTrends’ fall 2021 collection. When you fuse nature with bold hues, you can easily elevate a houseplant into art status. Bonus: You don’t have to shell out serious dough like you would for framed wall art or a sculpture.


The pandemic accelerated the plant parent trend and many found themselves deeply embracing “biophilia,” or the innate desire to connect with nature — from the great indoors that is. To give you a moment of joy during your day or even perk up your Zoom background, look for whimsical and fun plant designs.


Add vitality to your holiday home decorating game by swapping in festive plants for elements in your regular lineup.


During Halloween for example, LiveTrends offers designs like the delightfully ghoulish yogi skeleton mini plants, a collection of skeleton figures seated in Sukhasana pose. During the winter holiday season, their “Snomann” plants make a cute and festive addition to your mantel or tablescape.

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By fusing nature with art, you can elevate your houseplant collection and create truly beautiful living spaces in your home.


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