As a homeowner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by necessary renovations and all the things you’d like to accomplish around your property. If your list of updates is long, but your time and budget are strapped, remember, even small changes can make a big impact.

Here are simple, affordable ways — inspired by FrogTape brand painter’s tape’s annual Paintover Challenge Room Makeover Contest — to make your space feel like new.


It’s common to keep interiors neutral with trendy grays and off-whites, occasionally adding in pops of color with accessories or accent walls. If you’re looking to take a unique approach to rejuvenating a room, consider adding bright and bold hues to your walls. Take inspiration from the outdoors, fruity drinks or blue skies to evoke emotions of joy with vivid greens, pinks or blues.

Each year, celebrity designer Taniya Nayak teams up with FrogTape brand to share design trends. In 2021, Nayak suggests using the bright and bold colors of the “play hard” design trend, which is all about designating a place for fun and happy activities.



You may think of patterns for playrooms or children’s bedrooms, but have you ever considered using them to create a focal point in your kitchen, dining room or even your patio?

With just a few tools, including paint, brushes and tape, you can add striped or checkered designs to walls, tables and floors. Creating a pattern doesn’t have to mean splurging on a variety of paint colors. You can create subtle variety by alternating high gloss and matte finish paints, or by adding varying amounts of white paint to create multiple shades of the same base color.

However you create the pattern, having the right tape will be critical to avoid paint bleed from stripe to stripe. FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape is made with PaintBlock Technology, which forms a barrier that seals the edges of the tape, to ensure sharp paint lines and professional-looking results every time.


While old homes have unique character, outdated features can make the task of modernizing interiors feel like a major undertaking.

For bathrooms, it’s simple and affordable to sand down what you have and refresh it with a coat of paint. Consider giving boring, outdated square tiles a contemporary look with different tones of gray. You can take it a step further by updating the vanity with deep green paint and gold accents.


When you’re finished, you’ll have a sanctuary from your daily stresses created efficiently and affordably.


Think about the spaces where you spend a lot of time doing things you may not always enjoy — like the office or laundry room. Give these spaces a little TLC. Add fresh color to the walls, organize and hang photos of your favorite places to balance energy, encourage productivity and make everyday tasks feel less like chores.


Do you have that one spot that you’re not sure what to do with? It could be a nook or the basement. Use these areas as places to live well and embrace the calming, happy moments in life, like relaxing with family, reading a good book or playing a board game.

Add comfy, cozy textures of knit throw blankets, worn leather sofas or knobby rugs. Consider comforting, familiar shades like navy, light blues and grays, and cognac. These colors and textures work well on fireplaces, bookshelves or walls.

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With creativity and the right tools, making impactful interior updates can be simple and affordable.

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