Thanks to Hawaiian Turfgrass, shopping for a gorgeous, healthy new lawn has never been easier. With a visit to, you’ll find everything you need to research and select your turfgrass, place your order, and arrange for pickup or delivery — all from the comfort of home.

“We’ve really tried to make it simple and convenient,” says Sean Aukanaii Fong, founder and president of the Mililani company. “And we try to offer a lawn for every budget.”

Packed with comprehensive information about each of the varieties offered by Hawaiian Turfgrass, including a comparison chart that shows the three top performing sods in categories like low maintenance, fertilization needs, and drought tolerance, the website has all the tools you need to make a properly informed decision about the best grass for your lawn.


There’s a handy area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help you determine your lawn’s square footage. Videos offer tips on prep and installation, as well as helpful visual information about the turfgrasses sold by the company.

“It’s a bit like buying a carpet,” advises Fong. “You’ll want to pick the right grass for your location and the amount of daily sun and shade it receives, and the amount of maintenance you can provide it. We try to provide tons of information to help you make that decision.”

Each variety sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass has been carefully bred for improved traits: less mowing, watering and fertilizer; fewer insect and disease problems; and a superior look. Licensed specialty grasses include Captiva St. Augustine, Sea-star Seashore Paspalum and Zeon Zoysia.

The most popular variety, El Toro Zoysia, can be seen all over Oahu — on residential lawns, golf courses, commercial areas and public parks, including Thomas Square in Honolulu.


“We keep our fields weed-free, mow them with reel mowers and sell only mature grass that’s grown in plastic, so our turfgrass will quickly and successfully root almost anywhere,” says Fong.

Drought-tolerant and easy to maintain, El Toro Zoysia generally has few insect and disease problems, and those can be easily treated with selective insecticides and fungicides. When planted in areas that receive adequate sunshine (five or more hours per day), and maintained properly, this beautiful turf- grass thrives.

“It grows densely so it chokes out weeds,” Fong explains. “Water it regularly, cut it with a reel mower every one to two weeks with your mower height set at three-quarters of an inch, and you’ll have a really nice lawn!”

Chosen by the readers of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser as Hawaii’s Best Lawn Installation Company for 2020, Hawaiian Turfgrass has made shopping for a gorgeous, healthy lawn easier than ever. Visit to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery of your turfgrass. The company also offers complete turnkey lawn services: site prep, irrigation, delivery and installation. To schedule turnkey installation, call 808-371-0527; order your new lawn (minimum 500 square feet) by Oct. 31 for a $500 installation discount.

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