While COVID adversely affected many businesses, building supplies and construction have been seeing a boom, as many homeowners seek to invest in their homes. Our new lifestyle has seen more time being spent at home, with kids studying online and parents working from home.

This boom has continued into 2021. With many of us looking at the prospect of coming inflation and devaluation of the dollar, people are investing in real estate or home improvements. We have seen a spike in the value of Hawaii homes in the last few months.

The downside of this increased demand is the shortage of building materials and increased costs as a result.


A mid-April survey by Home Innovation Research Labs found that 42% of building product manufacturers polled stated their business was affected “very much” by COVID-19, with about half of respondents saying they have had to restrict or shut down operations. Seventy percent reported disruptions to their supply chain. Consequently, homebuilders are adjusting.

Windows are amongst the top in terms of supply chain interruptions, from a shortage of screen material (aluminum) to hardware, and even glass.

Even with these delays, we continue to see increased demand and sales of our products at Diamond Head Windows.

Our advice would be to invest in your home with replacement windows, but with the understanding that the lead times to manufacture windows is currently in a state of flux. Some manufacturers cannot say when they will be able to get materials, while others are trying to stockpile so that they can continue to operate.


These supply chain issues will resolve themselves eventually, and with that resolution, the backlogged orders will then flood in. These windows then have to be put in with the existing installers on the island.

We have also seen a marked increase in pricing from manufacturers, as their supply cost and demand increases.

Our advice? It is still an excellent investment to replace your windows with energy efficient windows and sliding doors. Placing orders now will get you locked into pricing before it increases in the coming year. Just be tolerant of delays in getting this material to Hawaii and then installed once it arrives.

Fortunately, we have been doing this for 35 years and are better at navigating these issues than many who are relying on a single source of materials.


If you have questions about window and sliding door replacement, feel free to contact us at Diamond Head Windows. You can visit our showroom or set up a free consultation in your home to review your options. We offer a variety of finance options, including 0% interest loans with no down payment.

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