Now that we’re in the thick of summer, mosquitoes and other flying insects that annoy, irritate and generally make outdoor activities less enjoyable for everyone are back in full force. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to keep bugs at bay and the outdoor adventures going strong.

“You don’t have to resort to chemical mosquito repellents if bugs are bothering you,” says Brandon Roach, executive vice president of new product development and engineering at Skeeter Hawk, a brand with a full line of all-natural mosquito and flying insect defense products. “A few smart strategies and natural tools will help you and loved ones keep mosquitoes away.”

Whether you’re going on a walk, relaxing on the patio or hosting a gathering in your backyard, you want to enjoy your time outdoors.

Here are seven natural solutions to solve mosquito problems.



Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so at home, eliminate places in your yard where water accumulates, such as buckets, pots and lids. Put containers away or turn them over so they don’t catch water. For things like pools and bird baths, remember to keep water fresh.


Like an invisible force field, a Skeeter Hawk Mosquito Trap can be used in your favorite outdoor spaces like campsites, pools and backyard patios. These effective traps use a whisper-quiet fan and long-lasting patent-pending UV LED technology to attract and trap mosquitoes and other flying insects.


When air is calm, it’s easy for mosquitoes to fly around. When it’s windy, mosquitoes have a more difficult time getting where they want to go. Therefore, if you’re hosting a gathering at your home and air is stagnant, consider running fans. You may add portable fans to patios, decks and other outdoors areas where people gather.


Add a barrier between yourself and mosquitoes with your clothing. Even during warm weather, you may opt for cotton clothing that breathes to keep you cool. In addition to shirts and pants that cover your skin, consider skipping the sandals and wearing socks and closed-toe shoes to protect feet and ankles. Wearing a hat helps protect your head, too.


When bugs are bugging you, you don’t need to resort to heavy chemical repellents.


Skeeter Hawk offers personal wristbands and carabiners that are portable and easy to wear, repelling bugs with all-natural essential oils not dominated by citronella. Just wear on the wrist or ankle, or add to a belt loop or backpack. No bugs, no foul smell.


Research shows that dark colors like black, navy blue and red are more attractive to mosquitoes. When deciding what to wear before heading outside, consider light colors that not only keep you cool, but also help repel these insects. Whites and pastels may be a good option.


Strong smells are like a siren call for mosquitoes, so the next time you’ll be heading outdoors, skip the perfume or cologne. Don’t forget about other strongly scented products you may use, including deodorant and soaps. You may not be able to limit use of these personal products, but you can opt for light or no-scent versions.

For more information about mosquitoes and natural options for keeping them at bay, visit skeeter-hawk. com. Products can be used independently or in combination for layers of customized protection so you can fully enjoy the outdoors.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.