From Hilo to Honolulu and onto Hanalei, homeowners are discovering the simplicity and effectiveness of ventilating a home with QuietCool.

Kim is an Ewa Beach homeowner who was tired of her hot, stuffy house. She would switch on the A/C and wait a long time for her home to cool. She was also frustrated with the $200 increase per month in her cooling bill, and not happy that she had to keep the windows in her home closed all the time.


“It doesn’t feel healthy,” she says.

Her friend Julie told her about the QuietCool system and how it uses less than 10% of the energy of A/C and works with open windows.

“That’s what I need,” Kim thought.

After researching the system online and hearing positive reviews of Island Cooling, she called them to set up a site inspection for her home.


Island Cooling, run by brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth, specializes in energy-efficient home-cooling solutions. More than a decade of experience in cooling local homes means the company has solutions to fit every home and budget. “I was surprised at how easy the process was,” Kim says. “Al was very knowledgeable and asked me about my home cooling goals, and if there were any specific areas of the home that I needed to target. My home office is in the middle room, and since I’ve been spending a lot more time there this year, I knew I needed something for that room specifically.”

Adam of Kailua was also complimentary of how helpful the consultation process was.

“Once Ivan had details on our specific situation, he listed all our options to cool the home, from using solar awnings, reflective roof coating, attic vents, ventilation fans and A/C. He then recommended which would have the most bang for the buck, and which options could be completed as DIY projects.”


Kim continues: “Once I made the decision, it was only two weeks until my QuietCool system was installed, and the install team and roofer (I chose to add a solar attic fan and vents) all worked seamlessly and neatly and were in and out in less than a day. Overall, my house stays cooler, the air feels fresher, I’m saving more money on my bill and know that a good local business stands behind their products! I’m very satisfied!”

Island Cooling is Hawaii’s resource for Sol Lux Awnings and QuietCool whole-house and attic fans. For a limited time, Hawaii Energy rebates of $100-$150 are available. Call 808-672-2300 or visit