Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning LLC, Oahu’s only SoftWash Systems™ certified applicator, provides a service that is different from other exterior cleaning companies. What are the benefits of having your roof cleaned? How do you choose the best company for you? What are things to watch out for when choosing a contractor? We’ll explain how we stand out from the rest.

Regardless of material, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof, especially with the humidity in Hawaii. All roofing manufacturers advise that your roof be maintained properly. They will often void warranty if not. An important part of maintaining your roof is keeping it clean and clear of growth. Your roof will last longer, your A/C will run more efficiently, it’s aesthetically appealing, and if the right solutions are used, algae and mold will be eradicated, leaving a healthier living space for your ohana.



When choosing the right contractor to care for one of your biggest investments, please be prepared to do research and ask questions. Here are a few to start with.

• Are they licensed? Do they carry liability insurance in case something happens on your property? How about workers’ compensation in the event that the contractor is injured on the property?

• What type of solution are they using? Are they environmentally friendly and biodegradable, or phosphate free? Are the chemicals and solutions they use purposely designed for the surface they are cleaning or are they just using laundry detergent?


• Are they about quality or quantity? You want a company that will be there from beginning to end, not a splash-and-dash cleaner that won’t take any precautions with your home, landscaping or surroundings. Asking a few of these questions can weed out most unqualified contractors and leave you with a few topnotch choices.

Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning LLC is the preferred safe roof and exterior cleaning specialists.

Our company is the only SoftWash Systems™ In-Network Certified company on Oahu. We also hire a third-party company called The Seal to background check our employees, as well as verify our insurance. This is a unique service that helps put homeowners at ease. You could say that by taking these extra measures, we at Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning LLC are regulating ourselves in an industry that is unregulated. We strive to be professional, courteous and honest, and we would like our customers to expect more from a contractor with results that will leave them completely satisfied. We are not just another company competing in the soft-wash market in Oahu. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and give you the most value through our state-of-the-art equipment. Give us a call for your free estimate. You’ll be one step closer to “cleaning your worries away!”

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