While most adults see a pretty lawn and think only of increased curb appeal, the best turfgrass critics are often the littlest members of the family.

“Remember, curb appeal isn’t the only benefit of a lawn that’s soft and lush,”observes Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “That kind of lawn can improve the quality of life for your whole family — especially keiki and pets.”

Think picnics and barbecues, scavenger hunts, volleyball and badminton games, outdoor movie nights and overnight camping adventures. Horseshoes, cornhole and ladder golf are all a lot more pleasant on a soft lawn, and a splash pad or a sprinkler on a steamy day lets everybody cool off after romping. Dogs will play countless games of fetch on a lawn that is kind to their paws. They might be less inclined to wander.

“It makes sense that they’d appreciate a soft lawn as much as a barefoot human would,” says Fong.


A yard that’s friendly for everybody begins with a bit of planning and care. Most experts recommend sod installation over stolons or sprigs.

“The grow-in period for stolons can last six months or more,” Fong says. “And lawns planted with stolons need watering several times a day, which tends to make a muddy mess.”

Optimally, turfgrass is grown in weedless conditions. All sod farmed by Hawaiian Turfgrass, for ex ample, is grown in compost on plastic on its Mililani farm.


“When you buy it, you get the entire plant, with the root and grass,” Fong explains. “It’s sterile and weed-free, and can adapt to any soil profile.”


When setting up outdoor furniture and dining areas, consider traffic flow and proximity to your kitchen.

“Put down paving stones if it’s helpful,” says Fong. “Move furniture around occasionally, if it’s directly on the grass. Don’t put your grill too close to your house.”

Consider putting down mulch or pea gravel under swing sets, jungle gyms, trampolines, large pools and other yard equipment, so they don’t produce bare spots. Move play zones, wading pools and toys, like slip-and-slides, periodically.

“And remember, when grass is really saturated, its roots are easily damaged,” advises Fong. “Ask keiki to stay off it for a bit. Remind them that keeping the lawn healthy will benefit everybody in the family.”


Watching pets frolic on your lovely new turfgrass might make you happy, but you might discover that urine stains are a problem. Encouraging pets to use a certain potty spot can help.

“If you have space, create a dedicated spot with pond pebbles or wood mulch, and try to get your little buddy to do the job there,” says Fong.

Otherwise, walk your dog in the morning and when you get home from work, and make sure he’s properly hydrated.


“Dilute his shishi spots with water immediately,” Fong recommends.

Ultimately, you might simply have to outwit your dog.

“Grass that’s over-fertilized is more susceptible to urine burn,” Fong confides. “Just keep your grass under fertilized in your dog’s favorite shishi spot, and it will turn greener.”


If your ohana includes keiki and pets, consider adding turfgrass to your next home improvement project list. Hawaiian Turfgrass can help you check that item off your list, with breathtaking results.

Visit their easy-to-navigate website to choose from several family-friendly turfgrass varieties.

“A beautiful yard can make a big difference,” concludes Fong. “Start with good grass, plan it creatively, maintain it properly, and it can really enhance your family’s life!”

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