Is it time to replace your windows and upgrade the protection of your home? With hurricane season upon us, Windows Hawaii can help to cut the worrying and build up peace of mind.

Sometimes, this is easier said than done because hurricane-grade windows can cost a pretty penny. However, Windows Hawaii offers just the solution to help homeowners who need to save money, but not sacrifice quality. When ordering windows, tack on the Storm Package, which enhances the company’s already impressive Alii Extreme Windows by manufacturer Anlin Windows and Doors.


The company’s Alii Ex-treme is an affordable option compared to competitors and is anything but basic. In fact, its recently upgraded window strength with FirstGuard pro-tection reinforces Alii’s robust sound and security package boasting triple strength glass.

While the windows do not have an official hurricane rat-ing, general manager Mario Garcia assures that the windows are durable and tested to withstand winds of up to 120 mph. He explains that when looking for hurricane-safe windows, it is not neces-sary to order windows with the official hurricane rating.

“Hurricane windows are very expensive due to the reinforcements and certs they need to meet,” says Garcia. “Sometimes, customers are misled by salesmen and so consumers buy into the hurricane window hype, which in turn, makes them spend more than necessary.


“I understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, so buyers need to beware and be informed before investing into new window products for their homes,” he continues. “Alii Extreme by Anlin is a less-expensive option that gives customers peace of mind without the added cost.”

According to the “Guide to Hurricane Strengthen-ing for Hawaii Single-Family Residences” compiled by the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, to have adequate protection of windows and doors, the basis lies in impact-resistant glass systems.

“These assemblies consist of a clear plastic-like inter-layer film sandwiched and heat bonded between two glass panes,” describes the guide. “The glass panes are specially treated and the window frames are specifically designed to meet impact and pressure loads. The assemblies are installed as complete units that include the glass and the frame.”


This is exactly what Windows Hawaii offers in its storm package. Its windows are equipped with 1/8-inch- to 3/16-inch-thick glass, providing impressive protection during inclement weather. And, the additional First-Guard Laminated Security Glass upgrade completes the assurance by doubling the thickness of standard laminate than that in a traditional laminated window. This extra lamination, fused in between two layers of glass, makes the window engineered to fracture but remain in place, even after repeated attempts to break in or from debris during strong storms. As an added bonus, it also increases noise reduction capabilities.

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