Blending fashion and function, the best bathroom design addresses the needs of the homeowner while also reflecting their personal tastes. What often separates good from great design can be found in the details. If you’re planning a master bathroom remodel or adding a new luxury bathroom space within your home, consider these three important facets.


There are three main types of lighting: task, ambient and accent. Layering these lights thoughtfully in the bathroom will not only make the space more functional, but also elevate the appearance and provide high levels of flexibility.

The main light — often an overhead variety — provides ambient lighting for the overall illumination of the space. Many people choose dimmer options for this bathroom light to give it maximum customization.

Task lighting is essential in the bathroom and might include lights over the mirror or vanity.


When planning and positioning task lighting, remember to position fixtures to minimize shadows to facilitate activities like shaving or applying makeup.

Finally, accent lighting is a key feature of luxury bathrooms and makes one space stand out from another. Accent lighting is meant to highlight the special features of the space and might include a light positioned over a painting, a decorative chandelier in a changing space or wall sconces by a soaking tub.


Choosing an upscale drain option blends elegance and performance to elevate the shower experience and overall bathroom design.

For example, QuickDrain USA offers a variety of unique drain options. For the ultimate in-shower design, consider WallDrain, which is concealed behind the base of the wall — rendering it virtually invisible. The clean lines of this innovative drain system provide a seamless visual flow in the shower, ideal for a variety of d cors, including contemporary or transitional designs.

However, if you prefer a drain that remains visible along the wall or in the center of the floor, you still have numerous options to elevate your look. Euro-styled linear drains and the new Square- Drain are ideal for conventional curbed or zero-entry, curbless applications that allow wheelchair access and ADA compliance.


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Just like that special watch or necklace makes an outfit, the hardware you choose for the bathroom is the jewelry that enhances that space.

Hardware in bathrooms includes knobs and pulls on the vanity but extends to other accessories as well. This includes towel racks for bathing and hand towels, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and shower curtain rods. When planning hardware details, don’t forget to add in light switch covers, wall plates and vent covers to create a cohesive, professionally designed look.

Finishes for hardware don’t necessarily need to all match as long as the tones blend nicely and you don’t mix too many finishes together. For example, brushed steel and matte black work well together, but if you mix in more colors, you risk the space looking disconnected and not thought out.

There are many factors that go into creating a bathroom design. It’s important to pay attention to the details if you want to create a luxury space. These three details will help ensure fashion and function go hand-inhand for a space you’ll love for years to come.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.