A clean home is a happy home, but if that cleaning requires lots of elbow grease and time-consuming tasks, it can be hard to maintain a smile through it all. No new couple needs added stress, especially from manageable chores. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to keep your favorite spaces tidy and save time in the process.

Here are five simple ways newlyweds can get a clean house while cutting down on cleaning time.


One of the simplest tricks to transform your cleaning routine is to clean rooms methodically from the top down. This makes a difference because dust, dirt and other particles fall down as you clean, plus it helps you focus on spaces you might often forget. For example, take a few minutes to dust fans and light fixtures before tackling counters and tabletops, and finally the floors.


For cobwebs, floorboards and other tough-to-reach places, try folding a microfiber cloth over a broom and securing with a rubber band for ease of cleaning, This will save you time and a sore back because you won’t have to bend or reach.

Additionally, consider running your air conditioning when cleaning to circulate air out of your home and remove airborne particles with it.


A great way to easily clean your home is to utilize resources that share how other couples have gotten through their cleaning challenges. From scheduling to buying the right appliances, there are multiple things to consider when living with your partner. The Knot, the nation’s leading wedding marketplace, says that one of the biggest issues that newlyweds face is the painstaking process of selecting the home appliance gifts for their wedding registries. This can make adjusting to a new home and marriage difficult. Luckily, an obvious choice is the LG CordZero vacuum for convenient cleaning. With 120 minutes of runtime, this vacuum can help any young couple begin life clean and anew.


When possible, couples should invest in multitasking tools that save time and effort. Picture this: Cleaning up unexpected messes or after pets and kids is no problem with a cordless vacuum that also mops like the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor+ Stick Vacuum.


The vacuum can be easily switched from a vacuum to a mop and back again in mere seconds by changing the attachments. The Power Carpet Nozzle removes dust from carpets and hard floors using powerful suction and Kompressor™ technology that compacts debris in the bin so users can enjoy an easy-to-maneuver, lightweight stick vacuum without having to stop and empty the bin as often. Plus, it can go from vacuuming carpet and hard flooring to mopping by simply switching the attachment and filling the reservoir with regular tap water — no special solutions or harsh chemicals needed.


Technology is changing how homes are maintained, and automatic options now go beyond your self-cleaning stove. The floors can be one of the dirtiest parts of your home, so invest in a robot vacuum that cleans them without you lifting a finger.

For example, the LG CordZero Robot vacuum™ combines the hands-free benefits of a robot vacuum with the powerful suction and deep cleaning of a traditional vacuum, thanks to its Smart Inverter Motor™ with Axial Turbo Cyclone.

With built-in intelligence, the CordZero robot vacuum navigates flooring to leave nothing behind, all while avoiding collisions. Using 3D Dual Eye technology and a laser sensor, it accurately maps out each room and then uses its built-in intelligence to remember the details of your personal space.


A clean home can be work, but it shouldn’t feel like a second job. With these tips and tricks that maximize convenience, newlyweds can be together, relax and enjoy a tidy house.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.