Cooling a home in Hawaii has a unique set of challenges. Our state is blessed with relatively moderate temperatures, which are seldom too far from comfort. Abundant sunlight and lack of insulation and ventilation in homes, however, means that even longtime residents can be feeling the heat.

“I have lived in Waipahu for over 45 years” says Jenise, a retired medical administrator, “and every year it gets hotter. While I have A/C in my living room, I don’t like to close up my house all the time. I was looking for a way to get the hot air out of my living space and let me keep my windows open.”

Fortunately, Jenise heard about the QuietCool system from a neighbor and found it was exactly the solution she was looking for.


“It’s installed in the attic of my home and it ventilates air,” she says. “I keep the blinds closed on the hot side of my home and I switch it on in the early afternoon to increase ventilation and enjoy the fresh breeze it pulls in from the windows. This way I also save PV electricity for my EV car, and I haven’t had to increase my photovoltaic system.”

Jenise is one of many local homeowners who’s enjoyed cooler homes while working with Island Cooling, a company that was founded over a decade ago by brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth. Over that time, they have distributed more than 6,000 ventilation systems statewide.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community,” says Ivan. “When we see a need, we look for specific tools to address it.”

One of these tools was a roof-mounted system for homes that had open beam ceilings or limited attic space. “Homeowners were asking for ventilation that was strong enough to refresh these typically large spaces but controllable to allow them to turn them on and off as needed,” says Al.


After several years of development, the first-of-its kind roof-mounted system was ready for testing.

“We received our first units in 2020 and, thankfully, folks were ready to have them installed. The feedback we’ve gotten has been incredibly positive. These are some of the hottest homes in our state, so it’s great that we’re able to provide a solution that fits our indoor-outdoor lifestyle.”

Mark, a homeowner in Pearl City, can vouch for the brothers’ problem-solving approach. After finding Island Cooling online, he requested a site visit and explained to them what the hot spots were in the house.

“For my home, it’s my main living space and my home office. They told me how they would target those areas. A QuietCool system in each of those spaces provides energy-efficient, fresh cooling in both and lets me control them individually. Plus, their service and support is outstanding. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”


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