When it comes to trusting the right company with churning out quality products that provide peace of mind, Windows Hawaii is the right biz for the job. The company knows that the safety and protection of those within a home is of the highest priority, and that is why it encourages customers to add extra layers of security. This can be done with optional upgrades, including tacking on Windows Hawaii’s sound and security package and then tripling down with FirstGuard protection — both for an additional fee.

The company’s Alii Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin Window Systems are a more than sufficient choice to start with, as they are tailored specifically for Hawaii’s tropical climate. Off to an already strong start, Alii Extreme’s glass can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour. Then, opt to improve Alii Extreme’s original strength with the aforementioned upgrades, which enhance the safety of a household with simple yet very effective technologies.

For example, the sound and security package includes a solid 1/4-inch stainless steel sash dead bolt on sliding windows, therefore reinforcing the initial locking mechanism. Its 1/8-3/16 integrated glass unit tempered safety glass combination provides extra protection — four times more than annealed glass. Meanwhile, triple-strength glass increases the product’s durability, as well as functions as an efficient noise reducer both inside and out.


Plus, for those who like a little air flow without sacrificing sense of security, general manager Mario Garcia says, “Ventilation latches and anti-lift stops work together to allow windows to be open a few inches for ventilation, without being able to be opened further and without being able to be lifted out of the frame.”

And, for even more reassurance, he emphasizes, “All Alii Extreme products pass stringent forced entry resistance tests.”

While the sound and security package has been around for a while, First-Guard protection is the latest and greatest at Windows Hawaii. This optional upgrade reinforces Alii’s robust sound and security package, creating a near impenetrable triple layer lamination of glass and polymer, which is double the thickness of standard laminate compared to most other windows. This is done by fusing the polyvinyl butyral inner layer between two layers of glass, making it engineered to fracture but still remain in place, even after repeated attempts to break in or during strong storms.

“First Guard is the newest upgrade offered exclusively in all of our Alii Extreme products. No other manufacturers offer anything like it,” says Garcia. “We are happy to be of service. We offer the best service department, along with the best products and attitude. These are all what makes us the first choice when it comes to windows and siding replacement.”

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