In 2021, shortages in supply and labor have been the norm for many of Hawaii’s builders and suppliers, but not for one local company.

“All of our products are made in the USA,” says Al Whitworth of Island Cooling. “We restocked in advance of what we know will be a busy summer.”

Island Cooling is the exclusive Hawaii distributor for QuietCool, the manufacturer of innovative products that cool homes using natural ventilation. Popular products include whole-house fans, solar-powered window awnings and attic exhaust fans.


Customer Shawn C. from Ewa Beach shares his experience: “During the summer days, the sweltering heat can be brutal. And on days when there’s no wind.

“We were really skeptical when researching ways to cool down our vaulted-ceiling home. We thought of central air, but didn’t like the high cost of paying for electric. So, we researched QuietCool. This was basically our cheapest option, and a few months later, we are really glad we chose them.”

“QuietCool is perfect for Hawaii’s climate and our indoor air quality,” says Ivan Whitworth. “Not only are they more energy efficient than A/C (typically using less than 10% of the energy), but they also work with open windows, so are an important part of helping homes stay comfortable in Hawaii’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Shawn.


“The main part of the house has been so pleasant this past summer. The fans work great,” relays the homeowner. “Not only does it remove the heat from the house, but it also keeps a constant airflow from every window and open door. As an added bonus, whenever we cook and the fumes from cooking accumulate in the house, the fans remove all of that as well. We love our fan systems and are so glad we chose to install QuietCool system through Island Cooling.”

Owners and brothers Ivan and Al have more than a decade of experience in helping local homeowners select the best system for their needs. For those looking to add healthy and cooling breezes to their home, a site inspection is the typical starting point.

“Don’t wait until the heat of summer,” says Al. “Find out now how to make your living space more fresh and comfortable.”

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