For many Hawaii residents, home isn’t just where the heart is. It’s where decades of treasured memories are built by each generation.

That was the scenario for an Oahu man who wanted increased space, improved energy efficiency and more accessibility for his family.

“The existing house was built in 1967, was (a) single-wall construction and suffered termite damage over the years,” explains the homeowner. “We looked into what it would take to renovate the house and make it more energy-efficient.”


An architect for the Department of Defense, the homeowner recognized that a renovation would not significantly improve his house’s layout. He also knew that relying on the structure and building systems could result in disaster.

Once he concluded that building a new house was the best possible solution, the homeowner attended Graham Builders’ informational seminar. Friendly, low-key and packed with useful information, the seminar was a decisive experience for the homeowner and his family.


“We liked their previous designs, more so than those created by the other design-builder we looked at,” remembers the homeowner. “The Graham family of companies also offered additional services that we needed. We sold our Mililani house through Graham Properties, and used the proceeds from that sale to obtain the construction loan for the rebuild through Graham Mortgage; it later converted seamlessly into a traditional 30-year mortgage.”

And Graham Builders, of course, designed and built the lovely new Honolulu home for the man and his family. The homeowner had already developed a rough floor plan and was able to work with the Graham Builders’ team to align his vision with his budget.


“As an architect, this is an area where I feel the collaboration with Graham Builders provided an advantage over me trying to design the house myself, and then putting it out to bid,” he acknowledges.


A full-service, turnkey, design-build contracting company that’s locally owned and operated, Graham Builders specializes in custom homes for local families. The company employs a robust staff of architectural designers, estimators, construction managers, finish carpenters and laborers.

“Graham Builders handles everything for the homeowner, including design, permitting, demolition, construction and warranty. We also offer homeowners free performance bonding, and when a project will benefit, we can coordinate with our sister mortgage and real estate companies,” explains Bonnie Oda, client care director for Graham Builders.

The homeowner and his family remain delighted with their new home.


“We are very happy with the outcome,” he says. “We greatly enjoy living here, and only wish we had done it sooner!”

Over the past 30 years, Graham Builders has designed, renovated, and built homes for hundreds of Oahu families with diverse lifestyles, needs and expectations. You are invited to register for its free “Building Your Home for Life” seminar from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, June 5, at, or call 808-593-2808.