You put a lot of care into curating your bedroom, but these days, it may look more like a gym or an office than your sleep sanctuary. In fact, Stanford News points to several nationwide surveys, which found that more than half of Americans now working from home are doing so from their bedrooms.

To help reclaim your bedroom as a place designed for sleep, Joy Cho and Corey Damen Jenkins, interior design experts who work with Stearns & Foster — a luxury mattress company known for handcrafted style and comfort — have identified the following design tips and trends to inspire your bedroom design and help you get the sleep sanctuary of your dreams.


For a fun and easy weekend project, Cho — founder and creative director of the lifestyle brand and design studio Oh Joy! — recommends adding a fresh coat of paint to give new life to your bedroom space. Consider painting an accent wall behind your bed, choosing a color that ties into other areas of the room using accessories, throw pillows or art.


Often, people assume they need to start from scratch and then feel overwhelmed while making their bedroom seem more inviting and cozy. Instead, Cho encourages thinking about color like layers — adding pops of a varying shade in small areas or using easily changeable items. Start with a limited color palette and utilize patterns to add depth to your space.

“The proper color palette is essential for creating the best sleeping sanctuary,” states Corey Damen Jenkins, the nationally acclaimed interior designer behind Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates. “Certain color combinations may seem amazing in theory, but in application disrupt sleeping patterns. Everyone is different, so it’s important to know what works for you.”


Decorate using objects with stories to tell, such as heirlooms passed down between generations and items picked up from travel or found at a vintage market.

“Pieces that are collected and well-worn add meaning and therefore end up looking much more intentional and thoughtful,” affirms Cho.


“Nightstands will always be both in vogue and in need for the bedroom,” adds Damen Jenkins.

There are countless options to match your personal style and he encourages people to “think beyond the box,” especially in smaller spaces, as unusual alternatives such as a martini table can sometimes fit a space better than a nightstand.


While the right decor is important for creating a cozy and inviting space while you are awake, both Damen Jenkins and Cho encourage their clients to invest in top-quality bedding and mattresses to make the biggest difference in your sleep and comfort.

Both recommend high-end, handcrafted mattresses for an upgraded sleep experience. The certified master craftsmen at Stearns & Foster design and handcraft every mattress using plush memory foam and patented, supportive coils — all wrapped in a navy blue velvet border to provide the most luxurious night’s sleep for years to come.


Additionally, Cho recommends soft textures for every layer — from your mattress to your duvet cover, comforter and sheets. Cozy bedding looks and feels luxurious, and when paired with a high-quality mattress, is both classic and made to stand the test of time.

This article is courtesy of BrandPoint.