With the spring weather and rain we have been experiencing, most of us are not looking toward the summer months. But, if you are considering preparing your home for the summer heat and hurricane season, now is the time.

Our Amerimax dual-pane window system is the best solution for keeping your home cooler in hot weather, as it will insulate your home from the majority of radiant heat and markedly drop your overall inside temperature.

Additionally, it will cut harmful ultraviolet rays by 95% to keep your floors, furniture and artwork from fading. It will also cut out unwanted noise.


We can use the dual-pane windows in sliding doors and any style of window for your home. These windows are custom built to fit exactly into existing openings without the need for additional construction.

The Amerimax AG3 glass system is in the top 5% of windows for its ability to reduce heat, noise and ultraviolet light. When you use these windows in conjunction with air conditioning, studies show that it will reduced your energy bill by up to 33%. These windows exceed the Energy Star requirements for windows and qualify for tax credits when available.


Diamond Head Windows can provide you with windows that are best suited for protection from hurricanes and flying debris. These windows include laminate glass, similar to what is used in your car windshield. They can withstand winds up to 200 mph.

The beauty of these windows is that even if flying debris were to break the window, the plastic film between the panes will keep the window intact without flying shards of glass. You can choose to use the hurricane glass for all of your windows, or for a select safe room.



While there are window manufacturers that can provide hurricane laminate glass, we prefer Amerimax. In addition to the quality of the brand, it has the most comprehensive and inclusive warranty in Hawaii. The warranty includes all components of the window, including screens, hardware and accidental glass breakage. Unlike most brands where coverage is not included if you live within 2 miles of salt water, the Amerimax window has no such limitations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Diamond Head Windows, Amerimax windows or the other brands we offer, visit our website or showroom. You can see the variety of windows available to you.

We also offer a free consultation and estimate service where we can come to your home to inspect your existing windows, show you the options that are available to you and provide you with an itemized estimate for replacing all or selected windows and sliding doors in your home.

Diamond Head Windows also provides financing with options of 0% interest and options to keep monthly payments low.


Take advantage of our sales and special promotions to make your home more secure, comfortable, quiet and safe with Diamond Head Windows. Feel free to call our office to get your questions answered and to set up an in-home consultation and estimate.

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