What makes a house feel deeply and unmistakably like one’s own? What makes a favorite space so special?

In the course of building homes for hundreds of local residents over the past three decades, Honolulu design-build firm Graham Builders has created countless spaces that homeowners call their favorites. We asked a few what they liked most about their Graham Builders homes, and here’s what they told us.


Hmm … everything is our favorite! The kitchen is totally different and so, so big! It’s awesome, especially the large quartz countertop that is so easy to maintain. I like the display cabinets under the kitchen counter because I can display most of my dishes. I love the depth of the kitchen sink with the touch faucet. Before and after … wow! It’s a showstopper.


Our “million-dollar” view from the kitchen/living room area, especially in the afternoon, and our peninsula that allows for family conversations during meals; the windows that allow the breeze in on cool breezy days; and everyone practically has their own bathroom (no waiting to get in!).



I think the best feature is the huge kitchen area tak ing up an entire side of the room/ADU with counters all around and an island in the middle. It’s definitely my favorite — my daughter works as a chef, so she really likes having a new kitchen at home!


Lynette: My favorite part of the build is the vaulted ceilings, which make the house appear larger.

Jared: My favorite part is definitely the kitchen. I had a hand in choosing a lot of the finishes and appliances toward making it a “dream kitchen” within budget. As a whole, I’m very happy with how things turned out. It was a very good experience.


My favorite thing about my new home is the insulation. I was worried about the noise level moving from a quiet country home to a busy area of Honolulu. Everything is sealed very well. I cannot hear neighbors when doors and windows are closed!


My favorite things are:


• watching the sunrise from our bed in the morning;

• the feel of the wood floors on my feet;

• taking a morning shower with the sun shining in. The water sparkles with little rainbow colors. Is that great, or what?

Bob and I are thrilled with our new addition and the excellent skill and care we received from your company. We entered the remodel with hesitancy and fear, having heard so many horror stories from others. Our experience was nothing of the kind. We felt heard and cared for, from beginning to end.

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