Have the winter months left your home feeling a bit dirty, drab or disorganized? Are you feeling the urge to purge? Then it’s time for some spring-cleaning. With a few simple tips and tricks, your home and mood can be refreshed.

For the biggest payoff for your efforts, focus spring cleaning in the areas of the home that are used most: the kitchen and bathroom.



According to the Mayo Clinic, decluttering can have a significant positive effect on your mental health and well-being. To start your refresh, toss anything that’s expired or no longer being used. Use a wall-mounted spice rack to free up shelf space and keep ingredients within reach. Add sanity to the silverware drawer by giving gadgets their own spaces with Spectrum HEXA In-Drawer Organizers. HEXA organizers feature a unique, six-sided honeycomb base that offers a sturdy foundation while allowing crumbs to fall through its base away from clean utensils. Simply, “lift and sift” to clean drawers.


Add a new level of organization and personalization to cabinets, drawers and even wire racks with shelf liners. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they offer a smooth top and grip bottom for easy sliding of items. Plus, the smooth surface catches messes and spills, making cleanup a breeze. Next, create custom labels for organizer bins with chalkboard or dry-erase adhesives from Duck Brand. For wire racks, add shelf liner to the bottom to hold items in place.


Next, move to one of the germiest areas of the kitchen: the sink. To keep this area neat and clean, add an organizer (such as Spectrum HEXA Sink Organizer, which has a built-in soap pump) to keep all cleaning essentials — sponges and brushes — upright and dry and help resist the growth of bacteria. Excess water is captured in the base, which can be easily removed and wiped. Finally, place a raised mat in your sink basin to encourage air and water flow for faster drying, and to provide extra cushion for fragile glassware.



From towels to toiletries, bathrooms collect a lot of “stuff.” Keep the daily-use items and purge the rest. If you have limited shower space, use a suction shower basket or shower caddy to hold shampoo and soaps. Add an over-the-tank toilet paper holder to store extra bath tissue and keep it out of the way. Just like the kitchen, utilize small baskets or HEXA in-drawer organizers to keep everything from makeup to medicine easily accessible.


Utilize vertical spaces. Add shelves to walls to hold towels or smaller items, and add over-the-cabinet accessory baskets to the insides of cabinet doors. These easy-to-install organizers keep items like your blow dryer, straightener and curling iron out of sight, but within arm’s reach, for a faster morning routine.

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Soon, with a bit of cleaning and organization focused in key areas of your home, you’ll be feeling refreshed and revitalized this spring.

This article is courtesy of StatePoint Media.